[DELETED] 17:57 20 Aug 2003


I have 512 MB of memory but my PC still seems pretty slow. looking at AIDA32 my physicl memory is almost constantly up around 98% even though for example right now I'm only playing a CD and am on this website typing this. Is this normal? what is Swap Space - that sits around 6%. Total is 1536.

Any suggestions to improve this? I am running Windows 98.


  [DELETED] 19:06 20 Aug 2003

Oh the eternal question, should you let Windows manage the swap file or should you set it. Windows 98 is designed to use RAM, and should page memory contents to the
swap file only when the demands for physical RAM exceed what is available.

click here click here for so called tweaks, these will let you reset the page file but I would use Ctrl Alt Delete to see what apps and possesses are running first.

If you Right click on MY Computer and go to >properties > Performance > virtual memory and change the setting form letting window handle it to letting you customise you can set the page file yourself, this I think will not help.


  xania 09:56 21 Aug 2003

Windows does not like to give up the RAM its used to boot up and will hog it for as long as possible with the results you are experiencing.
click here for an excellent freebie for reclaiming RAM from Windows

  [DELETED] 10:21 21 Aug 2003

Thanks for the help - will try all your suggestions ASAP.


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