Foz1961 12:43 20 Aug 2003

I am planning to upgrade my memory (currently 256) to either 512 or go the whole hog to 1024.

two questions
1 is worth getting as much as possible?

2 checking on memmory i see that both LC2 and LC3 are compatible, what's the difference and which should i get?

  The Sack 13:19 20 Aug 2003

Moving from 256 to 512 will offer a slight performance increase, going to 1GB is probably a waste of money unless you edit huge jpegs, spesh as RAM is currently on the rise.

LC2 and LC3? whats that then? If you mean the latency as in CAS2 and CAS3 then get what you already have installed cos if you buy CAS2 and you are running CAS3 the new RAM will slow down anyway.

  xania 14:33 20 Aug 2003

You don't menetion an OS so be warned that Windows 98SE does not like more 512 - there's no definitive comments on what it does although I have heard that it can refuse to work.

  Foz1961 14:37 20 Aug 2003

os is XP pro, no idea what latency the memory is at the moment. how do i find out?

  Foz1961 15:05 20 Aug 2003

further to that, it's currently 2x128, so if i upgrade i will be replacing both. will the latency make a diffence then as they will both be the same?

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