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I have finally got my very own, however from my old website I had a member service on behalf of Now I have the technology to build a proper website. I would like to do it by myself. Can you please help me, build the registration pages, and login pages. My server allows php, CGI scripts frontpage extensions. I am using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.
Please help, I haven't got much knowledge of doing it in Dreamweaver, (i'm a novice)
Thanks in advance,
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  [DELETED] 22:24 22 Aug 2003

how have u managed to do restrictions on your online site? Its really irritating me now

  Forum Editor 22:43 22 Aug 2003

isn't difficult. There are many useful password applets available, and in my opinion one of the best is the Coffee Cup Password wizard. You can download it if you
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All you need to do is create a private directory containing the pages that you want to make available to your registered members, and point successful logins to a specific 'welcome' page. It's easier to do than it is to explain, and I suggest that you download the software and experiment.

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My spyware program popped up: Tradedoubler

  Forum Editor 08:36 13 Sep 2003

that if you want a really secure members' area you'll need to set up .htaccess on your server. This will evoke a username/password challenge from the server, but you'll need to run a script on a UNIX server if you want to add/remove members yourself.

To be honest, unless you do need that level of security you will be far better off using the Coffee Cup wizard I mentioned earlier.

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There are plenty of tutorials on the web for's one click here

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