mem probs?...pagefile? yikes

  bludywoman 22:20 18 Jan 2005

have posted before about this...but after a short while - advice dries up!..My virtual memory seems to be really low...I havent yet had the low memory warning...but have experienced photo printing problems saying there is not enough memory!....Anyway, even though I have not a lot of pc working knowledge....I have taken on board that the problem may lay in 'page filing?' I have read plenty and was given a link to the major geeks site (brilliant - thanks!!) but dont really know enough to start changing things!...My system is:-- P3 processory, 897 mhz, 256 mb RAM, virtual memory is 384 mb and virt.mem. pag.file size is 384 - 768mb. So why when I downloaded Freeram does it show that I only have about 16 - 20% virtual mem/ram left?... Have downloaded loads of stuff to try adn help - probably doubled up loads....but then that shows how much (not) I know!....downloaded Asquared;Ccleaner;spybot s&d; tweakall; pcbug dr. and adaware se personal (also bought NAV 2004)....any takes for some idiot proof advice, or am I beyond help?...Anyone?!!! :O/

  VoG II 22:24 18 Jan 2005

This is to do with the amount of hard disk space that is set aside for Windows to dump things to temporarily.

Which version of Windows do you have?

  bludywoman 22:34 18 Jan 2005

There is a thing, I currently have XP pro. I dont know if somewhere on the disk though may be ME lurking. I had some major problems with crashing, and a friend replaced my me wtih his xpro, (as I am a friend and not a professional working user!....) but because I had some photos I didn't want to lose, he stored the whole lot on the harddrive in a file somewhere (I actually think those photos are corrupted! I sure dont have the capacity of retrieving them!) So, therefore, I wonder could this be eating the hardrive?....I would be quite willing to remove the ME and all the files that were on it if I knew how to without 'upsetting' the xp pro if possible, as it has given me so much less problems than ME!.....Does this help - or only confuse matters?..

  VoG II 22:41 18 Jan 2005

Have a read click here

click here

Up the size of the swap file and ignore the dire warnings from Windows.

  FelixTCat 22:42 18 Jan 2005

Your system is marginal for XP. In particular, 256 MByte of RAM is low. I would certainly recommend that you increase this to 512 MByte.

How big is your hard disk? How much space is free? Is it partitioned or is everything in the C drive? Is virtual memory set by XP or by you?

Printing photos can require a lot of disk space and memory for the printer spool file.

  LeadingMNMs 22:43 18 Jan 2005

How much of the hard drive are you actually using ? If theres still plenty free then you don't need to worry about removing anything, especially if your not confident in doing so.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to add some more RAM, most people think 512Mb is a good idea, although realistically 256Mb should suffice unless your playing games or photo / video editing.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to increase the virtual memory or set it to a specific value (e.g. make the minimum and maximum the same). Perhaps a figure of 1024Mb (1Gb) would be a good idea, although that could be considered over kill.

  bludywoman 22:49 18 Jan 2005

VoG, is the swap file size, is this the paging file size?.....what do I up it to?..I have once before read these pages, and that is where I know how to go into that section, but once I got there, didn't know what numbers to put In!...and what I did put in - it didn't like it - so I restored to a point just before I changed it!...(oh yes..have DEFINITELY sussed out sys. restore!) Sorry to sound so 'green' - not trained in this field!.....yes, so what should I up it to?....

  VoG II 22:55 18 Jan 2005

Ah, the $64,000 question. Ask the experts and you'll get loads of answers (all different of course).

My advice: double what you already have, Windows will scream at you but ignore that. See how you get on.

  bludywoman 22:55 18 Jan 2005

FelixTCat - miaow!! (loved that character as a kid - showing my age now!)....anyway, where do I find out how big my drive is and how much space is free (on ME I used to get a nice little pie chart...seems to have disappeared in XPPRO)...Also, to up the 256 to 512, how do I do that - does it mean my having to prize open the casing and yanking something out? it expensive to do? Also, I assume virtual memory is already set as I haven't touched it although I think it said custom set.....the figures are in the original posting at the top of this run....does that help?????Alison

  bludywoman 22:58 18 Jan 2005

VoG...what the 384 and the 768?....both of these?...what are the ramifications of this? Should I look for errors or something else where....and should I still run the FreeMem (whereever that has gone to...was there this p.m. - before the baby had on his 'cbeebies'!) and the tweak thingy?

  VoG II 23:00 18 Jan 2005

Yep, double both.

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