megabytes! (audio recording)

  fazer 16:08 11 May 2003

Am I missing something here or just being thick?

When copying audio off my hard drive onto a CD-R through Media Player, media player very kindly lists the megabytes for each individual track.

However, when trying to copy a double (audio) CD, Media Player always states that there is not enough room on the CD-R for all the tracks - even though the total amount of megabytes (per track) does not add up to 700.

I initaily thought that the problem was maybe due to the fact that Media Player had difficulty burning two seperate playlists onto one CD. This was proved wrong as Media Player states there there is room for some of the tracks from the second playlist - and records them without any problems.

So what am I missing here?

  fazer 21:22 11 May 2003

Could someone please help with this one?

  crx1600 21:27 11 May 2003

can you repeat the question?

"Media Player states there there is room for some of the tracks from the second playlist - and records them without any problems."

are you referring to the warning from media player,that your playlist contains less then 10mins or more than 60mins,which i agree isnt of much use.

or are you having problems.

  JFT 22:06 11 May 2003

Fazer the best bet would be to use another CD burning package. ie Nero or Easy CD creator as media player isnt much cop for CD burning in my opinion!

  fazer 23:10 11 May 2003

Thank you for your response.

Media Player lists the megabytes per track that are about to be copied onto a CD-R.

Even the though the sum total of megabytes is nowhere near 700mb, Media Player states that there is not enough room on the CD-R disk to copy all of the tracks. There is no mention of any time element.

And this is the problem - why can't I copy to the full capacity of the disk?

  crx1600 23:19 11 May 2003

you dont mention which OS or which version of WMP.

what im getting at is in my version of WMP you get a warning that you have more than 60mins (and a full CD is 74 mins)but its not a warning its just advice,you click proceed and away you go.

your first post suggests that you also override the warning/advice and burn "without problems".

i use winME and WMP7.

so the is the burn process being cancelled at the warning or can you override it to.

  crx1600 23:22 11 May 2003

i always create a seperate playlist,fill with 74mins,and create CD. then delet tracks from that playlist.

also with mp3 tracks you will only fit about 70MB on an audio CD,time has more relevence than MB with compressed music,mp3/wma.

  fazer 00:27 12 May 2003

I'm using Windows Xp and the latest version of Media Player (?no 9 - can't remember !)

I can't overide the "warning" - Media player says there is'nt enough room therefore it won't record those particular tracks.

What I meant was that initialy I thought Media Player was having difficulty copying from two playlists, however, that does'nt seem to be the problem as it allows me to copy up to the point on the second playlist until I've run out of room on the CD-R.

I'm not sure if this is the same as your version, but my Media Player does'nt allow you to by burn from CD to CD-R in one step - you have to copy to the hard drive, then re-copy onto the CD-R as a seperate process (hence me using the term playlists). This has always, to me, seemed somewhat bizarre but as I have'nt any other programme (yet!) to copy audio cd's, I'm stuck with Media Player.

This aside, I note with interest your last comment about only getting 70mb on audio CD (as opposed to 700mb as it states on the case !).

Is this where I'm being thick by expecting to get 700mb's of music onto a CD-R. Is "copied" music (off a music cd) compressed then? - whatever that means.

  crx1600 00:48 12 May 2003

hi,i'll explain that comment.

on a CD album each track will be about 5 minutes long and around 50MB in size.

the same track once compressed as mp3 or wma,will still be 5minutes long but is now only 5MB in size.

an audio CD can hold 74mins of music,at the original size that will be 700MB,but if its compressed you will only get 70MB(in both cases its 74mins).

if your using media player to save the tracks into library and hard drive,id assume it is compressing them into WMA.

if you wanted to saved the compressed music as data,you can fill a CD with 700MB,but it wont play on an audio CD player,for that to happen you can only put on 74mins.

its getting late,and i may not be making any sense :o)

  crx1600 00:49 12 May 2003

650MB = 74mins, 700MB is 80mins. i should add.

  crx1600 01:19 12 May 2003

a CD has 2 properties,it can hold 700MB of data or 80 minutes of audio.

because media player compresses the tracks as it saves them,you could fit 10 CD albums onto 1 data CD (700MB) this is when MB has relevence.

an audio CD can only hold the 80 minutues of music, so even at the compressed size you can still only put 1 album onto 1 CD-R.

so just confirm on your next attempt the playlist(or combination of playlists) has less than 80 minutes in total.(ignore the MB this time)

hope thats a bit clearer.

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