Mega help with HTML required.

  King Diamond 14:29 20 Apr 2003

Can anyone point me to a good copy/paste HTML site, as I need to build a 10 page site for my college HNC and I am really struggling with it.

I'm doing Netowrking/Pc Support, so this subject is a one off and not really an avenue that I am interested in. However I need to get it or I'm done.

I'll stick my neck out here - has anyone got an old site they do not use anymore that I could alter, with my own pics and text ect.

Thank you for taking the time to read and all/any help is greatly appreciated.


  Elrond 15:10 20 Apr 2003

King Diamond I dont think it would be fair for you to be directed to a cut and paste website or use somebody else's old website. I undestand you are struggling with it but cheating wont help. I had a module last year for my Music Technology degree where we had to code a website in HTML. Let us know what aspects of HTML you are having trouble with and we will do our best to help.

  King Diamond 15:19 20 Apr 2003

Thanks...this is only a module that I will never be doing again, so to be honest, I don't like HTML and it's only 1 module that I will never be doing again.

I know the basics, so I'm looking to cut & paste code rather than waste time typing it. I have various notes and an HTML book by Liz Castro.

Yes I fully understand your point, but this is one off. One of my friends last year gave me stuff for this years course and I just put it away, cause I wanted to learn properly and not cheat.

Appreciate your help, but I only have 9 days to finish it and waiting for replies would kill my much need time. It's shortcuts I'm after I'm afraid because I am time pressed...but thanks anyway.

  Nellie2 15:21 20 Apr 2003

Here is a site that will give you the here I agree with Elrond though, copy and paste won't work as your site will be different to anything you copy and paste from and you will probably spend hours trying to find the errors in the code!

  Elrond 15:23 20 Apr 2003

The only thing I could suggest is to use the view source aspect of your browser. For example if you are on a website you like you can see the code for it by going to the view menu then click source. Notepad will pop up with all the code in. You could then take bits and bobs of code from there

  Elrond 15:25 20 Apr 2003

However, and as Nellie2 has said you may spend a lot of time correcting it all. Surely you werent given this assignment in the past few days to do in the time period you've stated

  Elrond 15:25 20 Apr 2003

However, and as Nellie2 has said you may spend a lot of time correcting it all. Surely you werent given this assignment in the past few days to do in the time period you've stated

  King Diamond 16:13 20 Apr 2003

Cheers real main problem in Linking the pages, or making areas of the page that you can click on to go to other places.

Eg...I have a welcome page complete with an image on the front, I want the image to be clickeable so the person can be taked to the main do I do that?

I have 3 pages so far -

Welcome Screen
Main Menu
About Me

I still have to do my discography, guestbook ect...but all I'm really stuck with is - linkeage & making a guestbook.


  Elrond 17:56 20 Apr 2003

To make your image clickable to link to a page called main(for example) you need something like this

<A HREF="main.html"><IMG SRC="yourimage.jpg"></A>

Any other links need similar code

Say your on the main and you want to go to the About me page you'd do something like this

<A HREF="aboutme.html>About Me</A>
This would put the words about me on the page and it will be clickable. You could create a graphic button instead and add it in like this:

<A HREF="aboutme.html><IMG SRC="aboutme.gif"></A>

Dont hesitate to ask anything else although I havent actually made a guestbook myself.

  phil 19:08 20 Apr 2003

Have you considered using your free webspace (if you have some) and using one of their templates to build it.

There should be enough guidance within the template page to help you.

What is your isp and I'll have a looksee for you.

  beec crump 21:24 20 Apr 2003

if you have word or publisher you can make a site on it, use hyperlinks etc and then go as webpage... do you actually have to write the html or can the prog do it 4 u?

??? ben :-s

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