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Medion W2120 will not boot

  anniesboy68 12:49 23 May 2011

My son reports that his laptop model number above will not turn on and has no charge light either. Have established that the charger is working as the green light is on at the jack plug [input] end. Has anyone any idea what may be the possible cause, as I'm not familiar with the internal workings. Unfortunately I do not have the machine to hand as he has it and is away till the weekend. Suggestions would be welcome. AB68

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:09 23 May 2011

Remove battery and try on mains only.

A shored battery could be dragging all the power down.

Also check the jack socket is not loose at the laptop, tendency is for these sockets to come lose on the motherboard as they are plugged in and out.

Led on adaptor still doesn't mean power at DC jack plug wire could be broken a check with a meter or try a known good lead or try your lead in another machine

  woodchip 16:07 23 May 2011

i think this is the same Laptop I gave to my Daughter, four usb's back right corner of Laptop No WiFi, you have to use either a USB Dongle or PCMCIA WiFi card to connect to the Net. and as above Take the battery out and try it. PCMCIA slot stopped working on my laptop before I passed it on. But its a good workhorse otherwise the Laptop is made by MITAC

  anniesboy68 14:29 24 May 2011

Woodchip, thanks for reply, but I don't think its the same model that you mention. Mine had wi fi facilities, and I do not remember the four usb ports situated at the back. AB68

  anniesboy68 14:32 24 May 2011

Fruit bat. Thanks for the post. When I get access to the machine I will have a look as you suggest. However, should that not solve things what would be the next step, i.e. open up the machine and look/check for what????

  woodchip 16:11 24 May 2011

If Battery does not cure it, Mitac Medion Motherboards are not very Reliable

  anniesboy68 11:47 06 Jun 2011

Woodchip, thanks for input. The machine is now working on mains only, with battery still connected. Goodness knows what happened initially when it would not show any power whatsoever. Apparently it is the battery, because as soon as the mains is switched off all goes dead. Will search for a new battery for him. AB68

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