Medion Recovery CD question for friend

  Giggle n' Bits 00:41 18 Sep 2004

ok, my mate says his HDD gave in on his Medion PC running WinXP.

He replaced the HDD and got the Medion logo/Microsoft Windows XP Logo Recovery CD and installed WinXP onto his new 160GB HDD.

Now he is moaning that the XP won't install any drivers and keeps crashing etc.

I have tried to tell him the Recovery CD is intended to be used only on the HDD that was with the Medion PC as the Full XP software installation was done at the Factory.

Thing is which is buggin me also, if this is just a recovery CD how come he got any install of XP on his new HDD even though the XP O's won't take any system drivers and keep crashing.

Is is the case the Recovery CD has installed some sort of a XP image and not intact with a number of core xp componets ?

Hope that I am right in shouting at him the Medion Recovery CD is just a back-up CD.

Been looking at click here

But is this some sort of very poor written statement.

Please can someone in english explain is this Medion supplied and Medion/Microsoft XP logo CD which says the word recovery & "the software was pre-installed at the factory" is having a new HDD meaning a new purchase of XP CD with licence ?

  Gaz 25 01:05 18 Sep 2004

that failed, that contains drivers and files required.

I would install XP from a disc, tap in his licence key and install the drivers from medion's website.

Good luck!

  Sharpamatt 07:52 18 Sep 2004

having ( and still ) used several Medions your friend has used the wrong Cd to attempt restore to original settings.

The CD to use was not the recovery CD ( which is the XP Operating system, but the suppor and application CD.

This will only work if the Recovery partion from the original HD is still intact. This has a file called Retten on it. Its not a hidden file or image

That same CD however has the Drivers needed and the tools on it to add to the information he has loaded.

They must have used the recovery CD which is XP install which does not come with drivers etc.

If he still has ( or backed up ) the recovery partion from hes original HD place it on the new one and then use the support and application CD boot with it in the Cd tray and selet boot from CD. It will not work if Retten has been removed from system.

Full details are in the manual, and Medions own website and all the numbers from his PC will give the correct drivers and upgrades

He may also find ( but as I have never tried it I cannot guarantee it ) that if they get a ghost image from another medion of the Recovery section and places it on there computer then recovery may work

  Giggle n' Bits 21:56 18 Sep 2004

Seem to have got it sorted, the problem out, he had got all the IDE cables the wrong way and changed a jumper on the new HDD. Amazingly also the Medion Factory restore CD actually has installed onto a clean new HDD in the machine.

It must be a thing relating to BIOS Lock ?

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