Medion Photo Printer

  anniesboy68 10:07 06 Dec 2005

Anyone know about this printer, available this Thursday at Aldi's?

  Belatucadrus 11:52 06 Dec 2005

Don't know it, but the Aldi illustration clearly shows it's a branded Sagem printer click here , probably the Photo Easy 255 click here usually sold at £140 plus click here
I can't find any magazine reviews on it and consumables may be a bit of an issue, but at that price for an ink sublimation printer, it's a bit of a steal.
click here for a review on some of the competition.

  anniesboy68 12:22 08 Dec 2005

Belatucadrus...Thanks for that. I have purchased one this morning. However you may be able to help on another query....the printer is bluetooth enabled....does that mean I need only to put a bluetooth dongle [which I have] to connect with my phone? And yes it is a Sagem, a Photo Easy 160 AB68

  anniesboy68 14:52 08 Dec 2005


  Belatucadrus 17:33 08 Dec 2005

Unfortunately Blutooth is something I've managedto do without completely, so can't really say. Try the Sagem Printer helpline :-
Photo Printers
Help Desk number: 0905 6930 220
Opening Hours: 08.00 - 17.00 (Monday-Friday)

  anniesboy68 18:54 08 Dec 2005

Belatucadrus.... Not to worry!!!!!Its going back Friday morning [to Aldi's]

  anniesboy68 17:50 09 Dec 2005

Bagsey...Yes Bagsey???????????

  anniesboy68 17:51 09 Dec 2005

Bagsey...Yes Bagsey???????????

  Belatucadrus 20:30 09 Dec 2005

I think the ??? is a question as to why you decided to return it.
Share your opinion so that anyone else considering the purchase can benefit.

  anniesboy68 20:59 09 Dec 2005

Belatucadrus ......Because it froze afte printing 3 photos. It wanted a new cartridge [if you can call it that] and when a new one was inserted there was no change. All afernoon was spent on it. So back it went today and I have purchased a HP Photosmart 335. Brilliant. anyway I wasn't happy about the print cartridge, it looked like two rollers with a piece of film or cellophane [is that spelt right] across, and I've never come across that before.

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