Medion PC Noise

  mrtreacle 19:25 26 May 2007


Seeing as how Pc advisor is always helpful here we go again
Receently my Medion PC P4 266 GHZ (around 4 years old) has started occassionally running noisy as if there is something blowing or reverberating
The pc continues to run ok and just sounds bad but obviously something is afoot
If i lift the case uo and slightly "jolt it" the noise quietens also the noise is not always present but seems to happen after use
I have had the side off cleaned the fan area which seems to be working fine and also lifted the fan unit out and re-seated everything
The noise seems to be coming from a what i guess is the power supply unit (box)
I have also undone this and cleaned the vents I noticed there is something written on the side of the power unit "kill noise" and am wondering if the power supply has a "quietening " device within
Any advice is appreciated so thanks in advance i would like to know if power supply units are costly and can be easily fitted to Medion pc's

  skidzy 19:52 26 May 2007

Assuming the Medion case is a standard ATX case,fitting a new psu should be a doddle.

Ideal psu for the average home user,ive fitted these on several occasions now and no problems to here

  mrtreacle 11:43 28 May 2007

Thanks Skidzy

Will check this out

  martjc 13:23 28 May 2007

Have you checked the screws holding the motherboard in? I've known this to give the symptoms you mention. If there's just half a turn looseness, this will happen.

  mrtreacle 18:52 28 May 2007

Hi Skidzy again

Is fitting a psu an easy task please ?


  mrtreacle 18:52 28 May 2007



Will look at this first thanks

  woodchip 18:55 28 May 2007

Fitting a PSU in a Medion, it is only held in by four screws round the Fan at the back. but you need to make sure that it as as many of the same kind of the plugs as the one you take out

  woodchip 18:56 28 May 2007

A Jeantech psu from PCWORLD should do it

  woodchip 19:05 28 May 2007

You should NEVER jolt a PC. It will Damage the Hard Drive while it's turning

  skidzy 20:10 28 May 2007

fitting a psu is a doddle,but do consider the connections also (as woodchip points out) though i doubt you will have any problems.

  richie kitch 20:35 28 May 2007

Hi, I had a similar problem last year. Occasional noise and I was doing the same as you, giving the case a bit of GBH. It turned out to be that one of the case fans was on the way out, the bearing was knackered so I replaced the fan only about £5ish. Problem solved.

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