Medion MT 487G Problem

  Paul uk86 14:22 26 Dec 2008

Hi everyone, im just wondering if anyone can help me please. I recently got a Medion MT487g computer secondhand and on pressing the start button all i got was a strange noise from inside and my monitor displayed the words going to sleep.Monitor light was orange instead of green.Its obvios to me that this computer is in sleep mode but i have no idea how to get it to wake up. Im hoping that this is the only problem as the computer looks brand new and still has the protective plastic strips on the front. Any idea's please? I dont want to take it back to the shop just yet.



  Pineman100 14:58 26 Dec 2008

Why don't you want to take it back? That would seem to be the most logical course of action.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 26 Dec 2008

The monitor may have been "Going to sleep" because there was no signal for the PC.

Check the monitor connections.

Press and hold the Power button on the PC for 10 seconds.

Then re attempt to boot.

  Paul uk86 15:14 26 Dec 2008

Hi Pineman100, reason why i dont want to take it back just yet is because if its just a very simple problem that can be resolved then i want to keep it.Its such a lovely computer and also i have a sata hard drive from my last Medion which has many files on it which i intended to use as a second hard drive in this computer.If i cant get the computer to work then i will have no option but to take it back

  Paul uk86 15:23 26 Dec 2008

Hi Fruit Bat , sadly that didnt work at all. I can describe it a bit better now. When i turn computer on , the blue light comes on followed by a scraping noise.The noise is like as if there is a faulty floppy disk inside. Only thing is, the computer doesnt have a floppy disk drive.I akm very much hoping that its just a minor problem.

  Toneman 17:10 26 Dec 2008

? Stuck CD/DVD?

  Pineman100 18:37 26 Dec 2008

I can understand that you don't want to take it back if this is a trivial problem that can be solved quickly.

However, a 'scraping' noise from inside a computer doesn't sound very trivial! Even if you do manage to trace its source, there must be a strong chance that come component or other could have sustained some damage that might - at best - shorten its life.

It may be a lovely computer - but only if it works!

If it were me, I would return it.

  Pineman100 18:38 26 Dec 2008

come component = some component

  Paul uk86 20:22 26 Dec 2008

Hi Toneman,i checked both CD/DVD drives and it wasnt them. Anyway i have been checking cables and anything else that looks out of place and im just stumped at what the problem could be.I think i will admit defeat on this one now as ive run out of options, lol.

  Paul uk86 20:25 26 Dec 2008

Hi Pineman100, thanks for your reply.I think im flogging a dead horse on this computer now so i am gretting it packed away and then it will be took back to the shop as i cannot suss it out and what you have said makes sense.I would like to thank you and everyone else who has tried to help me.Merry Christmas to you all :)


  Pineman100 14:29 27 Dec 2008

Good luck Paul uk86.

Why not post back later and let us know what the outcome is? If the shop manages to solve the problem to your satisfaction, then it would be interesting to know what it was.

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