Medion MD8822 Computer Question

  RGB76 13:29 18 Dec 2009

Hy all,

When I bought this computer it had a TV card installed in it. but after a while the card packed up and I ditched it, what I want to know is what that small port is called where it was installed.
I want to buy a new TV Card but need to be sure that I get the right one.

Many thanks, and I wish you all A very happy Xmas and peaceful New Year.

Kind Regards


  GaT7 13:46 18 Dec 2009

It's probably either a PCI or PCI-E slot (the E stands for Express).

PCI slots a around 8cm long, while PCI-E slots about 2.5cm long. In inches, that's around 3.25 & 1 respectively.

We can suggest a few alternatives once we've determined the interface. G

  RGB76 14:02 18 Dec 2009

Thanks Crossbow7

I`ve just had a quick look inside the case, it was the PCI-E slot that the card was attached to, I`m OK now, as I remembed that I had a PCI slot spare as well.
So any sugestions regarding a decent TV Card will be studied with great interest.

Many thanks


  GaT7 14:06 18 Dec 2009

Right, so it can be either.

I've since found that the MD8822 had a 3-in-one TV card with digital, satellite & analogue tuners. Do you need all 3 tuners? The most common is digital. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:13 18 Dec 2009

Medion 8822 was originally fitted with a NVIDIA GeForce 7650 GS graphics card

  GaT7 14:14 18 Dec 2009

The NVIDIA GeForce 7650 GS is a graphics card.

You need a TV card, don't you? G

  RGB76 14:25 18 Dec 2009

Hello again Crossbow7, Yes it is a TV car that I want and I only need Digital, Fruit Bat you are right about the Graphics card that this Comp had, mine packed up a long time ago, I only have the Case and Mobo left from the original. as each bit packed up I replaced it myself, never bothered with that guarantee that they give.
I`m very content with what I have, just want to fit a new TV card.

Many Thanks


  GaT7 14:30 18 Dec 2009

Do you need to view & record TV programmes at the same time? If yes, we'll need to look for a dual digital tuner.

Sorry, I hadn't realised it was FB who posted about the graphics card - I thought it was you. G

  RGB76 14:40 18 Dec 2009

Mistakes happen Crossbow7, I never bothered to record with the last TV Card, so I don`t really mind, I think most of the cards about have the recording ability, but I would not be bothered either way. I do have a Maplins Store not far away.

Many Thanks


  GaT7 15:02 18 Dec 2009

Here are a few companies products to consider - Hauppauge click here, Compro click here & Terratec click here.

Yes, most of them can record, but not all have the capability to view one programme whilst recording another simultaneously.

Hmm, Maplins are either a bit expensive or their products not always the best quality. Would you consider shopping online? G

  RGB76 15:39 18 Dec 2009

Yes I know what you meen regarding Maplins, usually only use them in emergency, and I do often shop on line, I just try to keep to the same company`s.
We have a couple of decent shops in the city where I`m sure I will get the right Card.
I have written those names down and will see whats about.

Many thanks Crossbow7 for the trouble you have taken, I do appreciate it.

Kind Regards


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