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Medion laptop wont boot (black screen)

  Hetti 17:30 09 Jun 2015

Medion Akoya Laptop running win 7 wont boot at all cant boot into safe mode either just have black screen. When I tap f8 key i get loud beeps.

Any ideas please?

  mole1944 18:52 09 Jun 2015

Unplug it from the mains,remove the battery hold the on/off button for 3 seconds put the battery back replace the mains lead see if that cures it.As aside i clone all my discs (Bi-weekly) and in the event of a disc failure i can do a disc swap and be up and running in 5 mins,plus peace of mind I've not lost any data

  Hetti 09:16 10 Jun 2015

None of the above work......:>( A ribbon along the bottom of the screen flashes on/off very quickly with key options f2/f12 but resutlt the same, no action just black screen.

  mole1944 11:34 10 Jun 2015

3 seconds ooops i meant 30 seconds but 60 better

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