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Medion Laptop MIM2080

  Pidder 14:32 30 Nov 2005

Does anyone who has the Medion Notebook MIM2080 which Woolworths have been selling recently use the Wireless LAN option? I have recently been trying this although I don't have another PC with wireless. However I expected that when switching the W LAN option on by pressing Fn and F1 together the indicator light would come on indicating that it was operating. The light does not come on but I get a bleep. Device Manager tells me the device is operating o.k. Is there anything else I should do or does the light only come on when the system is actually operating? Thanks for any advices.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:36 30 Nov 2005

The easiesy way to tell if it works is to try to connect to a wireless network.

Like you, I would have expected the LED to light up.

  woodchip 14:53 30 Nov 2005

i think you will find that the light comes on when you connect to a wireless gateway

  Pidder 18:32 30 Nov 2005

Hello both, apologies for the delay in coming back, I have now noticed that the light illuminates momentarily when I first switch on the Laptop so it is clearly connected and operative. I shall have to follow DS's suggestion and try to connect to a gateway to test it that way.

  woodchip 18:34 30 Nov 2005

The settings in the Laptop have to be same as Gateway router to connect, like MAC address SSID and Password

  Pidder 18:41 30 Nov 2005

Thanks, I shall have to gen up a bit more on this.

  Weskit 20:39 07 Jan 2007

Hello, this was my thread under another alias. I later found that the laptop did not in fact have a wireless card fitted. I had to get a mini PCI card which plugged into a compartment underneath, the same one as contains the RAM, there is an aeriel lead that plugs into a socket on the card.

  Weskit 11:32 08 Jan 2007

Hi. I also am not all that knowledgeable in these matters, but, I got my mini PCI card on Ebay. It was described as working with any laptop and I checked with the vendor that it had an aerial connection. Quite easy to fit, after opening the compartment, two very small screws. Just be careful about static, don't touch the contacts or any part of the card except the edges.Don't think I had to instal a driver, if one is needed you should get a CD with the card. This is the sort of thing click here

  Weskit 09:23 12 Jan 2007

Glad to hear that. Those little plugs and sockets are a pain...

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