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Medion Laptop MD 982000

  anniesboy68 15:42 06 Apr 2009

Is there anyone that has this laptop that can help me, please. Have just used a programme, [will not name it] and it has wiped the Drive D contents which includes the recovery system.

  anniesboy68 15:54 06 Apr 2009

System restore only works on the C drive I'm sure.

  anniesboy68 16:08 06 Apr 2009

Yes just confirmed that AB68

  anniesboy68 16:19 06 Apr 2009

Have just done a system restore, no luck with drive D

  anniesboy68 16:22 06 Apr 2009

Buteman.... thanks for your input. My C Drive is ok, I need the recovery files and drivers when I go back to factory default i.e as when it came.

  rickf 16:38 06 Apr 2009

Hi All
Don't quite know how to describe this problem so bear with me. When typing a sentence at a certain point the cursor would jump backwards w/o my knowing as I am not looking at the screen. I then realised on looking up that some of my sentences are all jumbled up. Sometimes it jumps when I use the space key and sometimes randomly. Can anyone shed some light here as it is driving me up the wall? Thanks

  rickf 16:40 06 Apr 2009

Sorry meant to publish this in a different thread in Helproom. Now there.

  T0SH 16:41 06 Apr 2009

Try one or more of the many freeware file recovery programs out there

it should be able to recover the data from your recovery partition as long as no other data has been written to it in the meantime, in other words do not enable Windows system restore on the recovery partition , if it can be recovered you would likely have to write the recovered files to an external drive , then copy them back to your recovery partition later

Cheers HC

  BRYNIT 16:44 06 Apr 2009

If you have deleted the recovery files from your D drive you may have problem recovering them due to the size.

Not sure about the laptop but usually with Medion PC you get a window/vista disk and a disk with all required drivers so you could install if the recovery files become corrupt. Check that you have these disks and keep them safe also make backup copies just in case they get scratched.

  anniesboy68 17:02 06 Apr 2009

Byrnit....Thanks, yes I have the disk/s but I'm sure that to aid the recovery, Medion put a restore folder and a drivers folder on the D Drive. It would be a lot easier if I can contact someone who has this laptop. At the moment I am using "Recuver" and have dowloaded another recovery programme. However, the drive has been written to by the rogue programme which I will not name. If I cannot get any further with this I will have to go out and buy a Vista o/s disk.

  anniesboy68 17:05 06 Apr 2009

Going on from aforementioned... the need to go back to factory settings is because I am giving the laptop to my son, so, he wants it "clean"

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