wimples 19:00 10 Jul 2004

I purchased a medion Graphics Tablet from Aldi, last October and haven't managed to get it working. It has been replaced but I still have the same problem. I tried it initially on Windows 98 and now I have purchased a new computer with Window XP Pro and it is the same problem - it just won't work.

Aldi technical staff say they cannot tell me how to run it on another computer, they would know how to deal with the problem if it were a Medion Computer.

Can someone please help. It seemed a great offer at the time - now I'm not so sure.

  Newuser38 19:23 10 Jul 2004

I have only used ours with the Medion computer but will have a go on one of the others. No reason why it should not work, will let you know asap on this thread.

  rusty 19:32 10 Jul 2004

More info Please, have you installed the drives from the Cd which came with it, dose the green light come on when connected to the USD on your computer.


  Newuser38 21:53 10 Jul 2004

I have now used the tablet on the win98 partition of a self build computer. It installed without any problems by following the instruction booklet exactly. The only problem I had was that because it had not been used for some time the batteries in pen and mouse needed replacing.

One thing to remember is that once installation is completed the computer should be restarted to finish configuration before it is operational the green indicator light then comes on.

When does your not working start??

  Newuser38 13:22 11 Jul 2004

Have you sorted it? Let us know please

  Newuser38 19:15 12 Jul 2004

I have had a message from wimples advising that the message 'USB device not being recognized' is received. It looks like a usb problem, Medion advise that in case of problems check that the USB ports are active and correctly configured, and that there are no resource conflicts with other devices.(also check your PC manual for help)

I have never had a USB problem on any of my machines. Could one of our USB 'experts' come to wimples aid please.

Wimples one other thought, you say that Aldi replaced etc, did you contact Medion directly to ask for help. You can normally get this by e-mail,they tend to be a bit slow, but usually answer.

  Newuser38 19:19 12 Jul 2004

Wimples I forgot to comment on the green led it only lights up when the tablet is installed on your computer. And this wont happen until the USB problem is sorted.

Hope this gets the answer for you.

  THE TERMINATOR 21:01 12 Jul 2004

Have you tried ADD NEW HARDWARE wizard....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 21:02 12 Jul 2004

Are all of your USB ports ok....TT

  Ive 21:21 12 Jul 2004

Try some other USB device in the same port and see if that works.
I had one of my front ports die.

  spuds 00:54 13 Jul 2004

Try a USB self powered hub.Sometimes you may find that your computer USB supply is not enough for some add-ons.

Aldi sell the products, and any technical advice will have to come from the manufacturer or warranty provider. Aldi do not have the resources to provide technical advice. In the case of the graphics tablet. Medion will be your first port of call for advice.

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