Medion Computer any good for Video Editing?

  dfritter 11:10 21 Aug 2003

PC World are offering a medion computer for sale for £799. Stats are as follows 3000 AMD, 512mb, 80gb, dvd/dvdrw, graphics card is 128mb nvidia fx 5200. Will this handle video editing? Is the graphics card any good or would i be better paying more for a better graphics card? Quite attracted by the price they are also offering a package including ditigal camera, printer and media suite for £899 and both come with TFT. Will the system be quick and capable for video editing?

  Rowey 11:30 21 Aug 2003

The FX5200 is a relatively basic graphics card nowadays.

you may also find that the 512mb ram will need a boost to 1gb (relatively cheap upgrade) and the 80gb hard disk will soon get filled if your doing video work. The rest of the spec is top. I do know that medion use the pioneer dvd/rw which is a quality unit.

Unless you are short of space i would opt for a quality CRT screen instead of a cheaper TFT.

just my opinion for what it's worth....

  Confab 11:50 21 Aug 2003

The graphics card is not an issue with video editing. Its processing power you need ie a fast processor, plenaty of RAM, 1GB would be good, and the largest HD you can get. I'm not saying that you can't do video editing with the spec you detail - far from it you can - but you might find that your HD will soon fill up and you'll need some some RAM to speed the processing uip a bit.

  MichelleC 12:53 21 Aug 2003

I'll 2nd that: ram and space are important. I wouldn't go for a package which includes dv editing, you can get your own stuff. The digi cam won't be brill, the printer may give probs (in which case PCW will refer you to maker) and the software? (usually bundles don't work). I'd go for the 1st (it's a good spec and deal) and you'll get the rest for less than £199!

Firewire card is vital (3port £40), plus good software, like Pinnacle, Sonic Foundry and Ulead (circa £80).

+ 2nd hd.

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