medion with broken power button also running hot

  gavrd1 10:56 22 Apr 2010

hi all

i have a medion mt7 344 for a friend with a couple of problems on it.

the first one is although it boots up and runs fine, it seems to be giving a smell off. it is not the psu as i have tried another one, but running speedfan shows that the cpu fan is only running at around 6-700rpm and the cpu temperature can vary between 52 and 60 which i think is a little high? possibly needs a new fan/heatsink combi?

the second problem is that the on the front of the case, the round plastic power button has broken and is beyond repair. the switch inside itself works fine and can be switched on/off by this however this needs the front casing off to be done. obviously i would need it operating again with the front on which would mean a working power button.

i seem to struggle on finding any kind of medion spares? would this mean possibly a new case for the system? bearing in mind that although it has an atx case, there are many extra interfaces on the medion one such as a scart socket etc so what new cases would be suitable if required?

thanks in advance

  johndrew 15:36 22 Apr 2010

The CPU fan speed does seem slow. Perhaps opening the case and giving everything a good clean to remove dust and a check of the freedom of the CPU fan is in order. CPU fans are quite cheap and easy to replace so this is worthwhile.

As for the power button, a new case would fix the problem but a visit to your local PC shop/spares/breakers may well provide a far cheaper replacement part. It doesn`t need to be a Medion part simply one that will fit the existing case.

  woodchip 15:58 22 Apr 2010

Cases come cheap, and the button is nothing more than to short two connections for to start the computer

  I am Spartacus 19:41 22 Apr 2010

You may have to enlarge the switch hole but something like this will work click here

  Jollyjohn 20:20 22 Apr 2010

As a temporary measure you could "borrow" the reset switch if it has one. simply put the reset wires onto the power pins.

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