mediaplayer 9 and xp cd burning

  [DELETED] 21:39 18 Dec 2003

Why is there no dropdown menu that is highlighted when I try to put music on a disc,all that is highlighted is portable device and to refresh and press f5 but nothing happens.Mediaplayer is my default player.There is no playlist option to burn to disc,only options that are not highlighted ,but last mediaplayer worked fine until mediaplayer 9.

  hugh-265156 02:03 19 Dec 2003

i dont use media player 9 to burn cd`s,i use nero click here (full demo version) which is the best in my opinion so am not that familiar with it but have you tried clicking:

"copy to cd or device" on th left of the screen with a blank disc in the drive,next click "file/open and browse to where you have stored your music and add your tracks to the playlist one by one.

once all added click the copy button on the top left to burn.

  Taff36 09:50 19 Dec 2003

I use it all the time but have to admit it was a bit of a culture shock from previous versions! It is pretty much as Huggy71 says.

Assuming you have copied the music to the media library first.Click the Copy to CD or Device on the left. At the top of the left hand pane there is a drop down to select the album or playlist you want to copy to your CD. (Place a blank disc in the drive of course) Having selected the album and ticked all the tracks you simply click the small red radio button at the top of the right hand pane next to the word Copy.

I found that checking out the help files and printing individual tasks out helped even though I thought I knew from previous versions - the interface is a little strange.

  Stuartli 09:50 19 Dec 2003

Are you using the Copy from CD link in error?

But, as huggyg71 suggests, you are better off using a proper burning program such as Nero.

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