media player won't play track one

  siteman 18:09 11 Mar 2005

Hi all
Whenever I make a music cd using wmp track one won't play. If I put the cd in a player, track one shows but is silent. The music will only start when track two comes on

any ideas

  Dorsai 18:25 11 Mar 2005

Next time you burn a CD, put track one as a very short song, one that you dont actually want to listen to.......

At least till you find out how to stop it from not playing.

  siteman 18:32 11 Mar 2005

Thanks Dorsai.

so far thats what I've ben doing, putting a track I dont much like at the front. I just think I must be doing something wrong when I burn the cd 'cos it always happens.


  bruno 20:12 11 Mar 2005

I had a similar problem a while back.Would not start at track one.I found out I had selected Random play.

  bruno 20:13 11 Mar 2005

I have just read your post properly and did not spot it was the CD you had trouble with,not playing from the library.Sorry.

  ACOLYTE 22:52 11 Mar 2005

First i would check the track in question actually does play by playing it from the folder
and make sure you are not just copying a shortcut to the file to disk,check this by opening the cd in my comp and seeing how big the file is against the original file it may not be exactly the same depending how you compressed them but if its a big difference then that may be the problem.Second i would try a diffent copy app than wmp to make a cd if the same happens you can say its not wmp thats at fault.


  siteman 18:58 12 Mar 2005

I have tried making the same cd using Roxio and nero and both worked ok.
The fault happens with either a compilation that I have made up or a direct copy of a cd.It happens every time regardless of the size of tracks. If I put the tracks on the cd in a different order it is still the first track on the cd that won't play.
I always use a different application to make the cd now but I would like to know why the problem occurs, just out of interest.
Thanks for all the suggestions so far,


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