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  compy 12:12 26 Dec 2003

Win XP
I have been using MP for some time and have no problems, but yesterday I installed a game (Roge States) which included QT. The game works fine but when I now download video clips QT takes the place of MP.
Do I need QT to run the graphics on the game or can I just delete it?
How can I tell MP to take control of my Video downloads but still leave QT for my game if it needs it?

Thanks for any help and i hope you all enjoy whats left of the festive season.

  beeuuem 12:28 26 Dec 2003

You can change the files associated with QT Player.

Open QT Player, go to tab 'Edit' > 'Quick Time Preferences'.
From the drop down menu select 'File Type Associations'.

Expand the options and uncheck the files you do not want QT to play -which in my case is all of them other than QT files/

  beeuuem 12:30 26 Dec 2003

Or you can do as AudreyS suggests ;-) !!

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