Media Player update removed useful feature

  Jon Storm 09:28 18 Sep 2003

Yesterday I used the "Check for updates" feature under Help in Windows Media Player (Windows XP Home) and allowed the player to update itself.

Before I did this a progress bar would move ahead of the Seek slider to show how much of the current clip had downloaded, particularly useful on slow sites. Now this progress bar doesn't appear any more, and I can't find any way to turn it back on. Is there a way to get this feature back? Can I remove the update and go back to how it was before?

  muddypaws 10:47 18 Sep 2003

I did the latest update a few days ago and the new layout really annoyed me. I just did 'go back' to time before the update and now use the previous version.

  muddypaws 10:49 18 Sep 2003

And the update took 3 hours on dial up!!!

  Jon Storm 11:07 18 Sep 2003

Thanks, I've just used XP's system restore to go back to before I allowed the update. I am now back to Media Player 8, instead of 9 to which it had "upgraded" me, and the download progress bar is back. Hooray!

10/10 to Microsoft for the XP restore feature, but 0/10 for "improving" a useful feature out of existence in Media Player 9. And I don't like 9's layout either. I'd rather stick with version 8. Good thing I have the automatic update thingy switched off.

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