Media Player problems

  DamonAlbarn 19:26 19 May 2003

Hello everyone, I was hoping someone would know how to help me with some problems I've been having with Media Player.
1) It has wiped everything from the library - all audio and video files. I don't mind this particularly, as the list was getting long, but it has also deleted all my playlists. I have tried to make the playlists again and any sound I listen to will play fine, but it won't add itself to the library or let me add it to a playlist. I can't even create a playlist for a file to be added to - it says an 'unspecified error' has occured. Any help would be appreciated!
2) Some sounds I have been downloading won't let themselves be saved as mp3 files, as they are currently saved with the extension 'file'. They work fine if I right-click, open file with....etc, but I would like them in a playlist to save having to do that each time. I have altered some of the settings in the 'Folder Options' menu to try and sort them out, but nothing has come of this either. Help would also be great here in converting these to mp3!

Thanks again.

  MartinT-B 19:56 19 May 2003

Which version of WMP 9? and which OS XP? ME?

You might have to re-install

Personally I have never found WMP capable of converting wma to mp3 files.

  britto 21:06 19 May 2003

Easy to use and free converter click here

  DamonAlbarn 22:24 19 May 2003

I'm not entirely certain which version of Media Player it is, I couldn't find the details. It came with the OS I use, which is ME.
Britto - Thanks for the link, I'm currently downloading that program and will reply on how it went!

  crx1600 22:47 19 May 2003

for future ref, in WMP7 you can 'back-up' the complete library.

C:\windows\all users\application data\microsoft\media index. in there is the 'wmp_library' file.

  DamonAlbarn 19:00 21 May 2003

Britto - the converter didn't work as the files aren't MP3/wave files in the first place, Windows reads them as being 'files' with no extension or anything!

  crx1600 19:14 21 May 2003

sometimes when downloading files you have to rename them as .mp3 or whatever is required, or else they appear as text documents.also seems to occur with video clips.

not sure if this is whats happened with you.

and im not certain if it's just a case of renaming the file to .mp3 now its downloaded.

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