media player library backup

  sunny staines 16:29 25 Jun 2007

I have my music cd's copied on to their own partition on the pc and use WMP 11 library to play them back.

I would like to back up this partition to another partition [got the software free XXCLONE] but i do not want duplicate entries showing up in WMP11 Library. Is there a easy way to prevent WMP11 detecting the backup.

  Batch 17:05 25 Jun 2007

With WMP10 under Tools, Options on the Library tab there is a Monitor Folder option. Assuming WMP11 has similar you should just need to make sure that this isn't monitoring the backup partition.

Personally I wouldn't want any folder monitored.

BTW, to backup my music folder all I do is dragndrop from one location to another - no special software involved.

  sunny staines 18:27 25 Jun 2007


did not think of looking there, the option still exists thanks for the reply

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