Media Player 9 messing with my mp3's!

  sulley 13:19 15 Apr 2003

media player 9 is slowing down and lowering the pitch of the first few seconds of all my mp3's. If you skip to a point in a song it, the same will happen.
Mp3's still play normally in Realplayer and I never had any problems using media player 8. WMA files are playing normally.
Any ideas as to whats going on?

  Dr. Charles 14:04 15 Apr 2003

I have this and have stopped using mediaplayer9. In fact I have thought of deleting it and just using realOneplayer. I think there is a conflict between the two



  sulley 14:09 15 Apr 2003

well does anyone know if this is a bug or if microsoft actually know this is happening and are trying to get people to use the WMA format more.

  chrishillcoat 17:25 15 Apr 2003

It may be something to do with cross-fading and/or volume levelling, check your preferences.


  sulley 22:32 15 Apr 2003

I've already checked those settings and its not the answer. If that was the case WMA's wouldn't play correctly either. This problem is only happening with MP3 files.

  sulley 01:30 21 Apr 2003

still need help here!

  sulley 13:55 22 Apr 2003


  canard 20:28 22 Apr 2003

Mediaplayer is a very tiresome pushy app.
Winamp is far easier to live with and much better behaved click here;$sessionid$XWL44LAAAJUYNTN24UNBCZA .

  Altair 22:28 22 Apr 2003

I found the same probs, are you using XP? as WMP 9 is supposed to be for XP users and I use ME so I went back to WMP 8 and all is well.

  sulley 15:47 23 Apr 2003

I am using XP so it doesn't just seem to be a windows compatibility problem.

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