Media PLayer 9 & DVD Codec Help Required.

  [DELETED] 17:13 28 Oct 2003

I have a music CD that has a bonus DVD cd as well, I can hear the music, but see no picture.

Inside the DVD folder(Video_TS) I have the following files:


Does anyone know were I can get the correct codecs from?

Thank you.

  Mankster 17:19 28 Oct 2003

i have found in the past that quicktime supports these cd's.

  tenplus1 17:53 28 Oct 2003

Pop onto this website: click here and you can download VLC which installs MPEG2 codecs and a player onto your PC...

Not only does it play all the major format movies, it'll play music files too...

  [DELETED] 19:44 28 Oct 2003

I have tried Quick Time and Real Player joy. I am currently using Media Player 9, XP Pro and all the latest patches from Micrisift have been downloaded.

My graphics card has the latest drivers: Basically I keep everything up-to-date.

I'm stuck!

  powerless 19:50 28 Oct 2003

Using XP i take it.

Go to start run and type:

dvdupgrd /detect

Click ok.

What does the message box tell you?

To watch a DVD you need an MPEG2 Decoder which windows does not come with. You need the MPEG2 Decoder to watch a DVD. You can try it with realplayer but without that decoder you have no chance.

Free one here click here (i have not tried it)

Paid click here

  [DELETED] 11:33 31 Oct 2003

Thanks all for your help...however I feel like such an idiot.

There was in very small print saying the DVD was audio only...why on earth would an AUDIO only DVD be used and not just an ordinary cd? it would have been cheaper as well.

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