Media player 9?!! Don't want it!!

  Tj_El 22:22 21 Jan 2003
  Tj_El 22:22 21 Jan 2003


After upgrading to WMP 9 all I have had is problems and I don't want that silly player on my PC....BUT I cannot find it in the control panel to remove it!!!!

Can anyone please help me get rid of it and revert to the previous version that came with XP?

Your help appreciated.

Best regards

  Quiller. 22:24 21 Jan 2003

Why not do a system restore. If you know approx. when you installed it, pick a day or two before.

  tran1 22:39 21 Jan 2003

Media player 9 has a kind of spyware on it that reports back to microsoft what you listen and watch on it.

  Stuartli 23:06 21 Jan 2003

I've got the 98Se version of WMP 9 and find it superb; already downloaded some of the plugins.

Biggest problem is checking out on all the things it will do (and some of the XP features are left out!)

  Tj_El 23:21 21 Jan 2003

hmmm.. might be a problem with my install even though I followed the instructions to the letter.

The first I knew there was something not quite right was when it failed to play an asx file that the previous version (8) played OK.

So I asked myself "Is there something that the WMP9 download is missing which requires a further download?" I checked for updates and was informed that I was up to date.

I downloaded the file again and did a re-install and that still didn't fix the problem but compounded it - the Mrs complained that she could not view the video stream from her favourite site! Well "We can't have that" I said, hence my asking the question.

I have restored and now the site is streaming OK using version 8. So she's a happy bunny :-o)) - I wonder what the reward will be....;-o)

So those of you using XP with WMP9, have you encountered similar problems or is it just me?

Please let me know.



  crx16 23:42 21 Jan 2003

i have also had some niggles, ASX files seem to be recognised as playlists and not tracks,and some mpegs that play in WMP7 wont play in 9.

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