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  User-FEF6C2B4-6F71-42C0-B7ADB326619A6607 13:04 07 Apr 2003

i downloaded some video files in quick time player, but they dont run in windows media player.
is there any way to play them in WM Player?

  cracker23 13:09 07 Apr 2003

No,you need the quicktime player to play quicktime files

yes i am playing with quick time, but it doesnt play with mediaplayer, is there any way i could?

  Dr. Charles 14:16 07 Apr 2003

This happened to me and I have had problems with media player last week. (see my thread).

I was recommended to RealOne Player as it seems to be able to use many more file forms. There is a free version on the web. Why not try that?



  crx16 14:23 07 Apr 2003

what is the file type of the video clip?

if it is .QT or .MOV then it will only play in quicktime player.

if it is an mpeg/avi or wmv file then you will need to reassoiciate the file type with WMplayer.

in properties it says type of file: quick time movie

  GroupFC 17:05 07 Apr 2003

I stand to be corrected but if it is a quick time movie file then you will need the QuickTime player to see the movie.

  IZZY 17:54 07 Apr 2003


If you open W.M.P., Click on Tools; Options; and then on File Types, you will see the formats that will play on W.M.P.

If you have the Quick Time symbol in your System Tray, Right Click on it to bring up a panel with several options, including Quick Time Preferences.

Left Click on Q.T. Preferences. It usually opens at Browser PlugIns, but click on the little arrow at the side and scroll down to File Type Associations. This tells you what File Types Q.T. plays.

W.M.P. and Apple Q.T. files are not generally compatible, although some will play on either but if it is a Q.T. movie you've downloaded, you will have to use Q.T. to view it.

Hope this helps. Regards


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