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  1smurff 22:54 12 Apr 2007

hi, i work three shifts like watching working lunch,on day shift have to watch on broadband but when on windows media player,after about 30 secs keeps on buffering, again after 30 secs re-buffers,have windows xp, and tiscali2.2mbps, any advise as to how i can watch uninterrupted programme.

  Terry Brown 22:56 12 Apr 2007

Switch to a higher broadband.
Just because Tiscali says 2.2mbps, it does not mean you will always get that speed.

  1smurff 23:29 12 Apr 2007

thanks for comment,was intoduced to this site three days ago and have started to 'investigate' it seems that in consumerwatch tiscali does,nt preform too good on speed and delivery especially between certain times will attemt to watch working lunch[uninterrupted] at a later time
1 smurff

  Stuartli 23:32 12 Apr 2007

If the 2.2MB you refer to is on the connection panel, then it refers to the maximum speed of your line rather than the actual connection speed.

When I was with Tiscali it used to show 2.3MB...:-)

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