SECTION31 19:27 17 May 2011

Running W7.

Just lately when playing MP3's in WMP 12 each track will skip or jump a second towards the end. The funny thing is that the skip happens at the same place each time - about 30 seconds before the end of the track! It does noy matter how long the track is its always 30 seconds from the end.

Any suggestions anyone?

  SECTION31 17:51 20 May 2011

Still not solved this. I have been playing my music through Media Centre and they all play ok. I guess the problem must lie with Media Player 12 somewhere. Any help would be most appreciated

  SECTION31 19:42 23 May 2011

Hello guys!

The problem still exists but as I have tried to fix it the exact details have changed from my previous post so I have described it again below :-

emphasized textI have a problem that has totally perplexed me! In the last few weeks the music tracks, mostly MP3’s, that I play using either Media Player or Media Centre have started to skip or jump for a fraction of a second about 20 seconds from the end of the track. It does not matter what the length of the track is the jump or skip is always about 20 seconds form the end.

The strange thing is that if I select a single track to play the track completes without the skip or jump but if a play the same track as part of a pre made play list or as a potential new play list, (i.e. a collection of random songs not yet saved as a play list), the skip or jump returns.

I tried sending a selection of tracks to my portable MP3 player and all tracks played ok both individually and as a playlist.

Would you have any ideas what could be causing the skip/jump?

Thanks for your help.

I am running Windows 7 on a five year Mesh desktop. I keep the computer squeaky clean and all of my drivers are up to date, (I use DriverMax).


Colin Bulman

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