Media Player 10 buffer underrun

  underworldmagic 19:35 17 Sep 2004

I just recently upgraded my Windows Media Player from 9 to 10. I have now noticed that when i play a movie file there is a "buffer underrun" and the picture freezes while the sound is still going, then the picture suddenly speeds up.

has anyone else had these kinds od problems with the new media player 10. i had never had a problem like this with the media player 9. this happens when i play large files (800MB) and small files (5MB) i dont know what the problem is

i have updated my graphics card drivers, and defraged hy hard drive but that did not solve anything, i am still getting the problem

i have the following spec

Windows XP
ATI Radeon 9800 AIW PRO
P4 3.2 GHZ

i have a good spek computer, why is this occuring, is there a fault in media player 10? as i mentioned before i never had a problem like this before with media player 9, i have also tried playing a movie on VLC Media player and the same thing happens on there as well!!! WHY???

please help with this problem


  Diodorus Siculus 21:35 17 Sep 2004

Why not go back to WMP 9? Is that possible?

  Sans le Sou 21:50 17 Sep 2004

I think Media player is part of windows and cannot be uninstalled, if you have a restore point you should be able to go back, if all is well make another restore point and dump all previous points.

  AubreyS 23:30 17 Sep 2004

I think that Sans le Sou is correct, it looks like you can't remove it (unless someone knows differently?) I too want to remove it and have scoured the internet trying to find and answer without success.

  MIke 00:25 18 Sep 2004

You can roll back to version 9, which I had to do the other night, as some of my legal downloads wouldn't work, there are instructions on ms site..

To roll back from Windows Media Player 10 to a previous version using Add or Remove Programs, do the following:
In Control Panel (Category View), click Add or Remove Programs.
Click Add or Remove Programs again, and then do one of the following:
If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2, select the Show updates check box (at the top of the list), click Windows Media Player 10, and then click Change/Remove.
- or -
If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 1 or earlier, click Windows Media Player 10, and then click Change/Remove.

  MIke 00:30 18 Sep 2004

MS page detailing above and other questions regarding licenses for downloaded tracks on rolling back to v 9 here click here

  kev.Ifty 00:43 18 Sep 2004

You have to click here to explain the NickName

I too have had probs with wmp 10 as you describe. Also some of my music tracks (MP3's)do not sound quite right. I will be "rolling back" to V9 asap.

Cheers Kev.

  AubreyS 08:20 18 Sep 2004

Your suggestion worked MIke. I think WMP 10 needs a little more work. As usual, Mr. Gates lets us suffer his failings.

  underworldmagic 16:01 18 Sep 2004

kev.Ifty i have explained my nick on the thread you pointed me to.

I will be going back to mplayer 9, this version even looks abit tacky...well thats my opinion from the responses i have got i dont think people are too happy which the new updated version


  Stuartli 16:35 18 Sep 2004

I've had no problems with WMP 10 and it's been installed since the day it was released.

You may need to check the various configurations available from View>Enhancements as some may have been enabled or altered.

  underworldmagic 17:27 18 Sep 2004

I have uninstalled mplayer 10 and i am still getting the jittery movie playback im watching a movie (about 700MB) and i can watch about 2 mins of it smoothly but then at random moments as mentioned before the picture just freezes for a second and then speeds up to it can catch up with the out of sync sound.

I have tried system restore to the point before installing mplayer 10 but still this didnt work, i defragd my hard drive again, this did not help as well, ive updated my graphics card drivers, this didnt help.

I dont know whats causing this, i have a 128MB ATI Radeon All In Wonder 9800 Pro card and 3.2GHZ p4 i shouldnt be worrying about jittery video playback!

do you know what the problem is?

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