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  picklsey 15:47 29 Dec 2004

i have put most of my own music cd,s into m/player,what i would like to know is there a way of putting them in some sort of order where i can find a spacific song or album without having to look through all the songs (which i have to do just now)or is there another free player out there that i can do this with.i,m not looking for anything to technical and i don,t fancy taking all the music out the pc to put it back in some sort of order.any help on this and could you,se lovely people keep it easy for me thanks.

  JIM 16:04 29 Dec 2004

click here

Choose File > New Smart Playlist.
To have iTunes add songs that match specific criteria, make sure "Match the following condition" is checked, then make your selections from the pop-up menus.

For example, you might want iTunes to only add songs that are by a particular artist, or songs with at least a four-star rating.

To add additional matching criteria, click the
Add (+) button.

To make the playlist a specific duration or size, select "Limit to" and make your selections from the pop-up menus.
To include only songs that have a checkmark beside them in your library (and that match your conditions), select "Match only checked songs."

To have iTunes continually modify your Smart Playlist as songs are added to or removed from your library, make sure "Live updating" is selected.
To create your Smart Playlist, click OK, then name the playlist in the Source list.

  bvw in bristol 16:05 29 Dec 2004

There's a search box top left, just enter what song you're looking for and it'll find it.

  picklsey 16:17 29 Dec 2004

JIM thanks for reply could you please keep me right here if i download itunes can i use it simply as a media player(i don,t want to buy online music)and would i be able to transfer my music thats on media player 10 to it.thanks again.

bvw in bristol..thanks also but what i,m looking to do is say click on somthing like albums and i get a list of albums(i am hopeless at remembering names of songs)

  Charence 16:29 29 Dec 2004

Yes, you can use iTunes just as a media player.


  JIM 16:31 29 Dec 2004

Yes and yes .You will also get a copy of quicktime.

What you may not want is for itunes or quicktime to be the default for files amd mime but at least they ask when program opens up.

  picklsey 16:39 29 Dec 2004

sorry for being a pain i am going to download itunes when i transfer my music over to it will i be able to delete all the music from media/p. to free up disc space thanks again for helping me out here(she who thinks she must be obeyed)wants it sorted out for the new year.

and all the best in 2005 to one and all have a great one.

  JIM 16:50 29 Dec 2004

it's not a matter of clearing disk space, as any player including itunes will make a playlist from what's on your drive and play them.

(they are all the same original files being played)

You can clear/delete the playlist or any media file from any media player so they do not show in the 10 player or others. Just be-carefull,select delete from playlist only,and not files from your system or you have nothing to play.iTunes like others will play and show a list from cd disk etc when loaded.

  picklsey 16:58 29 Dec 2004

JIM once again thanks i would have deleted everything then sat and cried in the corner.i won,t tick resolved just yet,i will come off line and install itunes and if i hit any problems hopefully you,ll be good enough to help me out,if i don,t hit any problems i will tick resolved.once again thanks.

  picklsey 17:35 29 Dec 2004

JIM...thank you very much for putting me on to this media player(does exactly what it says on the tin)so easy to use even for me great thanks.

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