Media freezing on random intervals

  ljuba95 10:51 19 Mar 2018

It's a really confusing and random bug so i have a hard time explaining it.

Happens while watching a video in the browser or in some media player, also when listening to something whatever the player is, for example spotify in the browser. But the bug is different for every player.

Sometimes it happens once in 3 hours and then starts happening every 30 secs. I couldn't find any pattern.

On youtube in firefox, the video stops and displays a circle like its loading, but it's buffered, and it stays like that until i rewind or fast forward. Pause/play doesn't fix it, just makes the loading circle disappear. I tried it in Edge too and it just freezes for a second and resumes. Bug happens when the video is muted too.

Spotify just stops, play/pause button does nothing. Rewind, song skip fixes it.

Twitch streams just stop for like 2 secs and resume, doesn't jump to live though.

GOM player just loses sound until you stop and play the video again. Rewind doesn't fix it like on youtube.

It all happens simultaneously, for example when watching a live stream and listening to something on spotify, it happens at the same time to both. Also for example if the spotify stays bugged, twitch can bug multiple times and it doesn't affect spotify.

Also when playing a video game it freezes for a few seconds.

When i restart PC, the problem is gone for a few hours. Reinstalling windows 10 didn't fix it. I also ran memtest RAM tool, found no errors. I have monitored GPU changes in MSI Afterburner but nothing out of the ordinary happens when the problem occurs.

Here is dxdiag summary, you can also see PC specs there: click here would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.


  wee eddie 11:07 19 Mar 2018

Are you the only person in the household using the Internet connection?

  Forum Editor 11:11 19 Mar 2018

The symptoms you describe are indicative of buffering problems and/or connection speed issues.

Unfortunately I don't have time to read through the whole of your system analysis report, but as a start you should ensure that you have the maximum amount of RAM supported by your motherboard, and look at your connection's downstream speed rate.

The causes of your problem may be more complex than that, but it's a good idea to deal with those two things first. Wee eddie's question is also valid. If you are in student accommodation the contention ratio on your internet connection could be a factor.

  ljuba95 11:11 19 Mar 2018

Yes, i am. I dont think it's a internet issue, youtube videos are fully buffered when they stop. Offline videos are also affected.

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