Media Centre Extenders, which one?

  Esc4p3 21:56 08 Jun 2008

I am looking at options for streaming content from my PC (o2 Broadband 8mb connection, wireless 'G' router) to the TV downstairs. Content such as BBC iPlayer, audio, video etc.

I have seen the Linksys 2100 click here which would almost certainly do the trick, but it is a bit pricey - I could almost buy a cheap laptop for that price. I have also seen click here which is much more the price I was looking to pay, but not sure it is up to the job. Could buy an xBox I suppose.

Any advice from anyone out there who owns a gadget that works well would be welcome. Tks in advance.

  MCE2K5 03:21 09 Jun 2008

I might be wrong, But, I don't think the BBC IPlayer will stream through the first and second devices.

I know the XBox360 doesn't, As I have one.

If you have XP or Vista Media Center, They will Stream Video, Photos, Internet Radio, Music, & TV, If you have a Compatable TV Card fitted in your PC) in conjunction with any one of those three devices (above in your Post).

  Esc4p3 08:51 09 Jun 2008

Should have said, I have Vista....

So I could surf the Internet on the TV?

I did wonder if iPlayer would be an issue due to drm.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:26 09 Jun 2008

Get a second hand Xbox (original), stick XBMC on it and you've got probably the best media centre around for, what, £30?

Oh, you'll need to buy a game too so £35-40

Not sure about iplayer, haven't tried it

  Esc4p3 08:51 10 Jun 2008

Agreed it may be the cheapest option, but it seems very techie to me. Needing a chipped xBox, compiling software, original xBox is wired networking only and it would be downstairs. I will do a bit more research.......Thanks for the suggestion TB but I think that one is beyond me, hard to please I am.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 17:50 10 Jun 2008

It's easy.

No chip needed, no software compilation needed.

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