rotormota 20:38 14 Oct 2006


Anyone familiar with connecting an external DVB box to my media centre PC? At the moment I have my PC connected to the box with just the aerial lead. Should I be using other leads too?

With the set up as it stands I am receiving the 5 basic channels & no extra Freeview signals.


  Technotiger 20:52 14 Oct 2006

Hi, what DVB do you have? I have a Freecom DVB box connected to my pc via USB, with the aerial connected via my normal TV set, using a splitter. Works extremely well.


  rotormota 21:07 14 Oct 2006

My DVB box is a set top Thompson sitting under the TV. I have a very long aeriel lead running from it to my PC tuner card.

  Technotiger 14:14 15 Oct 2006

Hi, for your pc you need a dedicated pc dvb box which connects to a usb port on pc. You can not get DVB via a normal set-top box.

click here

This is the one I have.


  Fingees 16:18 15 Oct 2006

Your settop box will only work if it has an RF modulator will then be able to be tuned in on your PC TV tuner, assuming you have one.

Otherwise you may be able to connect via a scart to audio/video adapter to video and audio inputs to PC.

No RF modulator, and you can't receieve digital via aerial lead.

  rotormota 19:45 15 Oct 2006

Thanks folks. My STB has RF in & RF Loop Through (out). The PC is currently connected to this loop through via an aerial lead but no other leads.

Have I really got to buy yet another piece of hardware to receive Freeview? As I said earlier I am receiving the 5 basic analogue channels on my PC through the lead. I take it this RF loop through is not a modulator?


  Stuartli 19:49 15 Oct 2006

Some info:

click here

  Fingees 20:24 15 Oct 2006

RF loop through is only for normal signals as received from the aerial. allowing them to pass through the box to the normal tuner.

AS I said earlier, unless there is an inbuilt modulator, which very few have, it will not supply signals from the box itself.

  woodchip 20:29 15 Oct 2006

It is easier and cheaper to buy a USB TV Digital stick, than mess with Modulators, for freeview

  rotormota 21:00 15 Oct 2006

Thanks but if for instance I bought the Freecom USB connected DVB Stick then why have I got a TV tuner card already installed with a RF in socket?


  Stuartli 21:10 15 Oct 2006

Is the TV card an analogue model or a digital (i.e. Freeview) example?

You need the RF input to connect the aerial coaxial cable, which can be run via an aerial amplifier from your standard TV's aerial connection.

There are some cards, like my Freeview Twinhan DTB-ter D+A, which provide both analogue and digital TV, plus FM radio.

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