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  zincy 21:08 31 Jul 2004

Hello all

I not really sure what i'm looking for, but what i want to do is be able to play my videos on my computer to my tv. I know a graphics card with tv out will do the trick. However my computer is upstairs, and i cannot find a pc to tv wire long enough. I came across this click here. But from what i read it does not play all files. I want to be able to play RMVB as well as avi files too. I was wondering any suggestions? or will i have to watch my movies on the computer?

many thanks

  Charence 21:15 31 Jul 2004 a Video Sender? click here


  Charence 21:23 31 Jul 2004

just found a problem...I think it only has scart sockets. Maybe you could buy a graphics card with video out sockets and you could connect the scart lead up to that.


  zincy 21:40 31 Jul 2004

u mean a graphics card with a scart? is there many around. I will consider this thanks

any more suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:44 31 Jul 2004

plentyu of scart to av cables at computer fairs only approx £3

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 31 Jul 2004

Sorry that should have read:

Plenty of scart to av cable adapters at computer fairs for approx £3.

  Charence 21:54 31 Jul 2004

click here for Scart to AV. I don't think there are any graphics card with Scart, only AV (that's what I meant by saying Video out, sorry I didn't mention that clearly).


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