Media card s-recovering lost images- a tip

  jack 09:21 03 Nov 2005

My camera takes 2 types of media card
Compact flash and SmartMedia.
In use I generally load onto the computer and delete images from card before loading back into camera.
From time to time the SmartMedia cards balks and demands to be reformatted in the camera.
Compact flash is much more tolerant seemingly and just keeps on going.
Until Wednesday that is.
Having taken 3 or 4 shots and seen them record
the camera said the card was not formatted on CompactFlash too - OK so I did - shrugged of the lost shots and kept going.

When I got home I transferred the shots on the formatted card and then ran 'BadCopy pro.
This recovered over 150 images in a totally random mixed up order from the many sessions taken since January this year.
Strange but good in its way.

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