Meddling with the BT house connection.

  Diemmess 08:42 23 Mar 2009

Officially verboten!.... but ......

Tomorrow a replacement window will be fitted to my easily accessed bedroom window.
The BT line into my house passes through the modest timber of the old frame.

Not at all sure the fitter noticed this, and he may have his own natty way of doing things, but I can't get hold of him today.

I can seldom resist a DIY task. The obvious way would be to disconnect the only two wires which are connected to "A" and "B" ...... and withdraw the cable clear.

The hole is minimal and it is inevitable that the two wires (Orange and White) will contact one another if only briefly.

Will that cause ructions at the exchange?

I would like some ideas from anyone who knows

  Graham. 08:45 23 Mar 2009

Shorting the wires together briefly will not cause a problem. Go ahead.

  Batch 08:59 23 Mar 2009

As long as there is enough cable to spare, before pulling the cable through, cut off both bare ends to slightly different lengths - then it is virtually impossible for them to touch.

Afterwards, recut and strip the wires as needed.

  Diemmess 09:45 23 Mar 2009

Thank you both.

The firm rang me just now to say that the problem is fairly common and they are used to rescuing cables from the old frame anyway!

It is nice to have a "Plan B" anyway just in case.

  Grey Goo 13:58 23 Mar 2009

They will probably cut the wood from the cable as the frame is going to be trashed anyway

  Diemmess 15:23 23 Mar 2009

Grey Goo....I'm sure you are right.

It was me just fussing, to have a plan "B" and electronically thinking, BT circuits must be very self-protective against all sorts of meddling.

I would hate to have to admit that the reason my phone wasn't working any more was because I had trodden in their domain without authority.

I assume brief shorting the two leads would merely give a number engaged message at the exchange?

Hopefully not a puff of smoke, or a tripped circuit which would need an expensive engineer to reset the line and a huge bill to follow!

  BT 16:33 23 Mar 2009

As GreyGoo said they will cut the wood away. If you are having PVC or similar frames the slight gap will accomodate the cable and they will seal around it when fitting the new window and trim. They did it with my TV aerial lead and actually made it less noticable as it was underneath the sill.

  Sea Urchin 16:35 23 Mar 2009

What more could you want - an official posting from BT :@)

  BT 18:07 23 Mar 2009

I was called BT long before they were :o))

Think there's any money in it?

  Sea Urchin 18:12 23 Mar 2009

Having once worked for them I think the answer to your question is No :@)

  amonra 19:23 23 Mar 2009

When I had new windows some years ago I asked the installers to put a short length of plastic tubing under the cill in one corner of the new windows so that I could push the telephone wire through after they had finished. Very neat and tidy. Clear plastic tubing available from Focus, B+Q etc.

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