Measuring net usage

  YinHoNg 14:59 28 Dec 2005

Hi. I'm in the process of changing to a ADSL deal where i have a 30Gig cap. I'm worried that i might go over this as i download quite a lot. I've found a couple of applications that says they do the job but i was wondering what other people think is the best one to use?

  Big Elf 15:01 28 Dec 2005

I use NetMeter from click here

  VoG II 15:29 28 Dec 2005
  Abey Baby 16:22 28 Dec 2005

Will either of these programs give the total traffic betwen the LAN & the WAN or must it be installed on each networked PC & then Summed?

  Abey Baby 16:27 28 Dec 2005

Monitoring Network Usage With PRTG Traffic Grapher

Taken from manual of PRTG Traffic Grapher © 2003-2004 Paessler GmbH, click here
Product: SNMP Informant (SNMP Performance Counter Agent)
Version: 1.x

Copyright (c) 2003-2004, Williams Technology Consulting Services (click here)
Home of SNMP for the Public Community (click here)

  Big Elf 16:28 28 Dec 2005

NetMeter has an option to monitor all connections but as I don't have a network I can't confirm that or know whether it needs installation on all PCs.

  [email protected] 16:43 28 Dec 2005

check out click here this ISP has a facility for users to check usage makes it a good reason to start at the lowest level see how you go then upgrade if you wish Always the option to change to another ISP after one months notice
I am a single user and it used to worry me how much usage I was going thro. This ISP also allows you to temporary go over the usage for the odd occassion but regular usage OTT will take you to the higher band

  YinHoNg 20:03 28 Dec 2005

kellysbouncas - my current isp has told me that they are currently developing a system whereby i could check the amount i use, but i'd like to have a measurement myself (i do the same with my mobile contract).

I'll look into my router manual and try out the two applications. I'll get back to you lot.


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