Meaning of Upgrade

  kainos 14:57 24 Mar 2004

I wonder if someone could advise please on the significance of an 'upgrade' software version. I presently have Microsoft Office 97 SBE and am considering buying Office 2003 Pro. Does 'Upgrade' mean that those programs which are additional to my 97 SBE version (eg Access) would not load or run - or is it just that I would/would not be entitled to buy the upgrade version.

  Diemmess 15:54 24 Mar 2004

I would spend a few pence asking Microsoft Sales or Customer Services that one?

  pc moron 16:01 24 Mar 2004

There's some info at click here
Office 97 SBE seems to qualify for the upgrade.

  Sir Radfordin 16:08 24 Mar 2004

Doesn't Office 2003 Pro come with Access?

If you buy an upgrade package you have to have one of the pre-requsite ones that will be specified. You will be able to run both versions of the software (some limitations like you can only have one version of Outlook and Access can need to be set up in a special way) on the PC they are installed on. You would not be able to install the 97 version on one PC and the 2003 version on another PC (well not legally anyway!)

In the past PCW used to advise people to buy Works and upgrade to Office as it was a cheaper route. In some cases you do not need to have the old version of the upgrade software - for example Lotus Smartsuite used to count as entitlement to upgrade to Office 97.

Hope that makes some sense?!

  crimbo 16:09 24 Mar 2004

As I understand it, an upgrade version contains the full software, and is offered at a discount because at some point you will have bought a full price "qualifying product" usually during installation, the upgrade CD will ask you to put the original product cd into the drive so that it can verify you qualify for the upgrade price. It will then install as normal.

  kainos 12:16 25 Mar 2004

Thank you for the advice - crimbo, that seems to answer the question. Much more friendly than a call to Microsoft don't you think Diemmess?

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