ME & XP Restore function failure

  pavel 12:10 30 Nov 2003

I have 2pcs running XP on one & ME on the other
On both I can,t Restore the system to a restore point, both seem to go through the process then end with a message that says "Restore failed"
or similar . Is this just a "thing" with a not too reliable programme? I have turned Restore off and on previously to run anti virus progs from Symantec, does this make a difference?

  Trackrat 12:19 30 Nov 2003

If you turn of system restore you lose all your restore points.

  pavel 12:23 30 Nov 2003

Thank you trackrat, true, I should have said I was having the problem prior to turning off and on
I would select a restore point but it would still come up with the failure message

  rawprawn 12:24 30 Nov 2003

I don't really understand the question, are you trying to restore the system or a program. If so what is the program, and if you have turned system restore off you will have lost the previous restore points so you may not be able to go back further. I don't run Symantec but is it absolutely necessary to turn system restore off, I don't when I run Avast, I know it can't scan in system restore but if you scan regularly you should be OK.

  rawprawn 12:28 30 Nov 2003

Have just seen the last posting which appeared while I was typing, what is the program it sounds as though it might be dodgy?

  pavel 12:31 30 Nov 2003

Thank you rawprawn I am referring to the System Restore that comes with ME & XP. It is important to disable system restore when using Symantec (Norton) anti virus downloads such as Fix Klez etc.

  pavel 12:32 30 Nov 2003

My aim is to restore the System settings back to a known "Everything works fine point"

  Trackrat 12:36 30 Nov 2003

Have you tyied putting the XP cd in and doing a repair to see if this cures your problem.

  pavel 12:39 30 Nov 2003

Thank you trackrat I will try this when I return to work on the pcs tomorrow.

  rawprawn 13:47 30 Nov 2003

It may not be necessary to do a full system repair. Put the XP cd in the drive, let it auto run & exit, now go to start/run and type sfc /scannow this will scan for altered or missing files & should hopefully solve your problem ( if it asks for the cd at any time press OK )
I don't know about Windows ME but I think it is the same

  VoG II 14:36 30 Nov 2003

You only need to turn off System Restore if your anti-virus detects a virus in a restore point and cannot delete it.

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