ME to XP

  Macaonasa 12:35 11 Jan 2004

I debating whether to upgrade or not. Can anyone supply links to websites containing easy-to-understand instructions on how to reformat my Millenniumised hard disk in order to upgrade to XP Pro?

I don't want to buy XP before I know what's involved.

  Mike ® 12:41 11 Jan 2004
  AubreyS 12:42 11 Jan 2004

If you get the XP disk, you get the option to upgrade or overwrite your original OS.

  Jarvo 12:51 11 Jan 2004


Also contact your pc manafacturer's support team when I upgraded 2 years ago HP sent me an upgrade cd with repacement drivers and software for XP foc.

All I can say it was a compleet faf on I did the upgrade rather than format/reinstall.But ask me if it was worth it and the answer is a deffinate yes! If you are semi tecnical minded you will be OK, but if you are a compleet novice be carefull and take advice from experianced friends. Oh and dont forget to back up important documents, favorits and e-mail accounts this could save you some time later.

good luck


  palinka 18:26 11 Jan 2004

Why do you want to upgrade/change to XP?

I have two computers - one 3 years old running ME the other bought last year running XP ('cos that's what was installed when I bought them).
I don't find XP any improvement on ME. The only reason I would change would be so that I'm running same on both and don't have to remember different methods of performing same tasks.

  961 19:04 11 Jan 2004

Go to click here

  Macaonasa 19:46 11 Jan 2004

I'm not into upgradology - it's just that I want the new versions of Photoshop and MS Office which will only run on Win 2000 or XP. Also, being the family ‘PC expert’ my brothers, who have just bought PCs, expect me to wave my magic wand over their machines frequently.

  Macaonasa 19:48 11 Jan 2004

Thanks to all helpers.

  Jarvo 20:00 11 Jan 2004

One of the main reasons I changed to XP was its a very easy to work with and manage photos and graphical images, also it is a lot less prone to crashing. I had a lot of problems with ME and using intensive programs like photoshop, card readers ect. make the jump you will not regret it. It will also help you working with photoshop if you bump your ram upto 512mb if you have not done so already.

  R4 20:01 11 Jan 2004

MS office 2000 runs OK om WIN98 SE so why not on ME ?

Photosuite or Paintshop Pro is better than Photosuite and works on 98/Me

  3tg 20:39 11 Jan 2004

I hvae a new computer with (Xmas) with XP, my old one has ME and I much prefer ME, I did not have any problems with ME. XP, in my humble opinium is much more complcated. Cheers

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