ME - Unable to use system restore - error msge

  HPP 18:13 04 Mar 2006

Hi yet again, please could you advise me on the following problem. My dad is running ME and the only AV programme he is running is AVG - for a week now he has been unable to use the system restore function and recieves the the messgage 'you must restart the computer before you use system restore' - after several attempts on restarting the pc - we are still unable to use system restore.

Also, with him only using AVG, could you advise us on any other programmes that we could download etc to make the pc more secure. for example, malware scanners etc?

Many thanx in advance for your knowledge, this is a one in the million forum!

Thanks :-)

  Big Elf 19:33 04 Mar 2006

Windows Defendeer from Microsoft is one to use click here

You should only have one AV installed at any time although you can run an online scan click here

  HPP 19:36 04 Mar 2006

'ME - Unable to use system restore - error msge

I have read many threads by you all, as well as many others on this forum. You all seem so knowledgeable, as i am such a newbie on computers but am starting to pick up many little tips from this forum, its absolutely fantastic!
Do any of you have any idea on how to resolve my above problems?

Many many thanks in advance as always, any and all suggestions are much appreciated!!

  Big Elf 19:38 04 Mar 2006

I'll pack up and go home then ;o)

  HPP 19:39 04 Mar 2006

Hi, thanx for your responce, i must have been posting the above at the same time as you.

Thankyou, i will try them now, thankyou once again, i will let you know how i get on. :-)

  Big Elf 20:00 04 Mar 2006

Ignore the Windows Defender link. I've just realised you're using ME and it won't work with that.

Try Adware click here


Spybot click here

  citadel 20:06 04 Mar 2006

I have me on my old pc and when it plays up I switch it off at the mains, then when it restarts scandisk auto starts, this seems to fix most things. I know this sounds odd but windows me is odd.

  HPP 20:06 04 Mar 2006

Hi Big Elf,

Please don't pack up and go home! I still need u!
The Windows Defender that i have just downloaded is just for windows 2000 and up - is there anything else that you can suggest?

About the situation with the system restore, what do you reccommend regardin that?

Although, i am able to use the system restore once i have run 'msconfif' .

Cheers hun - I messed me dads pc up and he's still abit off with me u see!

Cheers :-)

  namtas 20:07 04 Mar 2006

message:- you must restart the computer before you use system restore' - you get this message when you call for a restore operation but the software has altered since the computer was last restarted.

If you are getting this message and not adding or altering software them something else is altering the setup.

To clear out restore and sometomes to reset it switch restore off, reboot and then swith restore back on.

Could you have a virus?.

  HPP 20:08 04 Mar 2006

Just read your latest post - sorry i aint typin fast enough - what can you reccommend re the system restore issue - could there be corrupt files?

  Big Elf 20:10 04 Mar 2006

Yes there could but I found Restore flaky on ME when I used it.

What is the problem your Dad has requiring a System Restore?

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