ME stuck in safe mode

  taffy24 21:12 20 Aug 2003

My sons PC with ME operating system won't boot up properly. When starting in safe mode it freezes and under the task manager nothing is running. Is this caused by a virus or a hardware problem.?
I can reload ME but he will lose all his data - he has a lot of music stored.
Is there any way to get at the data before reloading? or should we cut our losses and try to resore.?

  Psiman 21:37 20 Aug 2003

If it were me and the music collection meant an awful lot, I would hop down to PC world and buy the cheapest new hard drive I could find. Install it as master, install Win ME on the new drive, load up the free version of AVG, install the old drive as slave and transfer over the required files. Sledgehammer to crack a nut? maybe, but it will work.

  DieSse 21:40 20 Aug 2003

Reloading ME will not cause a loss of data - though using a restore disk ro reformatting surely will.

Psiman's idea is not such a bad one, as it will enable you to do some backing up of your data/music - which you clearly need to.

  krypt1c 22:46 20 Aug 2003

If it's big enough you could partition your drive, but you would need to use an 'on the fly' partition tool such as partition magic. You could then copy the data files to your new partition. If, as DieSee suggests, you try a re-install, and you still get problems, you could then re-format and do a clean install. Another option, if you've a CD-R is to copy your data files to cd.

  User-312386 22:51 20 Aug 2003

can you get into ms-dos?

to do this start the computer and start tapping the F8 key, when the screen pops up, select restart in ms-dos

if you can come back to us

  woodchip 23:22 20 Aug 2003

Go to Notepad click open brows to C:\Autoexec.bat and double click to open before each line of text type REM and a space until all have REM

Example this is one line from my .bat file


then reboot if it goes to the screen for you to choose! Choose Normal

  User-312386 23:24 20 Aug 2003

are you saying he can actually get into windows?

  taffy24 18:31 21 Aug 2003

When I do F8 there are 4 options.
1. Normal
2. Logged (\bootlog.txt)
3. Safe Mode
4. step by step confirmation

When getting into Safe mode - task manager says Statemgr running but nothing else. There are no icons on the desktop. Therefore I have no option but to shut down.

  woodchip 22:34 21 Aug 2003

Run the step by step until it will not go make a note of what stopped it running, restart and go though the same order and next time click no to the item that stopped it loading and see if it will go further

  Psiman 20:34 27 Aug 2003

By e-mail,

Bought a new hard disk today (Maxtor). Installed it as master, loaded the OS and everything seemed OK.
I disconnected and reconnected and then manually went into BIOS and auto
detected the old drive.
I now have a C and a D drive.
All the data is there - brilliant.
My family is very impressed.
Now going to load the printer camera etc and the right drivers.
Thanks again for your help.
Hopefully all will go well now?.

glad everything went well. When you have transferred all you lost files you can re-format your old hard drive and use it as a back-up (in slave mode), as DieSse suggested.

Don?t forget the green ticky!


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