ME Shutdown Problem

  Peoby 21:47 17 Sep 2003

Have just upgraded from Win95 to ME, now can't get computer to shutdown (i.e. power off). Have to use on/off switch at back of tower, after which computer shows error shutting down message when switching back on. Have tried ME shutdown troubleshooter - no luck. Been through MS knowledge base - no luck.

Can anybody give me advice
P.s. after uninstalling ME and going back to Win95, computer switches off as normal!!!

  Jester2K II 21:50 17 Sep 2003

Control Panel, Power Options

Do you have an APM (Advanced Power Management)Tab?

If so, click it and check APM is on..

  pete-290318 21:53 17 Sep 2003

I had this problem on works pc after a reinstall it would not shut down.
It turned out to be the mouse drivers and after removing these and restarting everything worked ok.
The mouse drivers were then reinstalled and everything is fine now.
Might not be your problem but worth a try.

  Mango Grummit 22:08 17 Sep 2003

Also... was this upgrade a new "out of the box" retail version or an OEM version? Despite what is commonly believed they are subtlety different and the OEM version is not as sound/reliable.

Whichever, was it newly installed or put in on top of 95? Installing over-the-top of 95/98 was a major reason for ME getting a bad name.

What are your specs please?

  Peoby 22:27 17 Sep 2003

Thanx for the advice, have tried your suggestion, but no luck. Am now working on Pete77's suggestion re uninstalling mouse drivers - will try then respond.

  Peoby 22:30 17 Sep 2003

thanx for your response - ME was installed from original disc over 95. Would it be best to refomat HD then instal ME?

  Peoby 22:41 17 Sep 2003

What a star you are - uninstalled mouse drivers, etc., and now system shuts down fine. Thanx a million.

Thanx to all the others who responded - Peoby

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