ME and scandisk problem

  Bagpipes 18:47 30 Dec 2004

I have windows ME installed and recently after using the computer and sometimes on the Internet it freezes. When it restarts scandisk kicks in but in thorough mode. It never finishes and I cannot get it to stop doing it now in thorough mode. I have tried Safe Mode but it always reverts back to running at start-up in thorough mode. If I cancel it I can use the computer for a short while then it freezes. Can anyone help please?

  holly polly 18:56 30 Dec 2004

There is a known bug in Windows ME that may be the cause of your problem. Modern computers today run so fast that Windows ME may not have time to write important information to the hard disk before the computer shuts down. As a result this constitutes a improper shut down and causes Windows ME to run scan disk each time you boot. The message below was copied from the Microsoft Web site and explains the problem further. There is a patch you can download to fix this this problem. This patch introduces a 2 second delay in the shutdown process to allow enough time for the Hard Drive to save all important information. This patch may solve your problem. To get the patch choose start and then Windows Update. This will take you to the Microsoft Web Site. The web site will scan your system and tell you what patches are appropriate for your system. The one I describe will be in the list. Hope this helps. Good Luck The Windows IDE Hard Drive Cache Package provides a workaround for computers running Windows Millennium with Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) hard drives, large caches, and modern processors. IDE hard drives store data in a hardware cache (temporary memory) and write the data to the hard disk later. For these computers, data can be lost during the shutdown process because the amount of time that it takes for fast processors to shut down is so short that the hard disk may shut down before the data in the cache is written to the hard drive. This update introduces a two second delay in the shutdown process, which allows the hard drive's cache to write any data to the hard drive. Download now to delay your shutdown process slightly to prevent data loss.

  holly polly 19:02 30 Dec 2004

click here
here is the link- hol pol...

  holly polly 19:07 30 Dec 2004

dont be concerned that it says win 98 same fix for both -what make is the hd?-the reason i ask is that i run win me and the hd was on its last legs i use to get scandisk running all the time ,it may be an idea to download either seagates seatools or maxtors maxblast 3 and preform an hd diagnostic test to test the integrity of your hd -regards -hol pol...

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