Me, My Memory and Ebuyer

  phoenix_one 10:07 25 Oct 2003

I have diagnosed the problem to my PC error upon booting that has driven me crazy for months down to a stick of 512Mb SDRAM PC133, with this stick in the motherboard the PC often fails to boot with "Page_Faukt_in_unpaged_Area" I have also got "BAD_Pool_Callers" whats going on ther Microsoft???

So this stick of Ram is the cause of my problems but having been purchased from ebuyer and hearing there "stories" i would like to clear a few things up before I return it.

Is there anyway I can get a memory tester that will prove this stick is faulty, of course I may need to keep my current stick in there to make it boot.

Current setup,

3 Slots for SDRAM on Asus A7V

Slot 1 128Mb RAM (came with PC)
Slot 2
Slot 3

When having the problems I have had the following setup

Slot 1 512Mb RAM (ebuyer upgrade)
Slot 2 128Mb RAM (came with PC)
Slot 3

I have tried the above with and without the 128 stick both combinations have problems.

Both sticks worked for 3 months happily together and they are both PC133 modules running at 100 clockspeed well within limits, the CAS latency is all set to auto and the RAM has never been overclocked,

Firstly I dont understand why the RAM suddnly fails and then im worried that returning the RAM ebuyer will say there is nothing wrong with it and ill lose my £35 of RAM, my PC runs very slowly without it.

Am I within my rights to return this RAM purchased in January? Sale of goods act its not fit for purpose if it hasnt lasted 6 months yet???

Can I check the RAM is faulty to prove my case??

TY loads and hope this explains the situation (bit long isnt it) !!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:28 25 Oct 2003

The two error messages usually relate to driver conflicts, especially with your graphics card. However faulty RAM could cause these as well. I would suggest that as you have tested the RAM in different sockets and if these faults only appear when inserting the RAM, then the RAM is faulty.

You are more than covered by the sales of goods act so a polite email or preferably 'phone call should start the ball rolling.


  phoenix_one 10:52 25 Oct 2003

ty yes my graphics card has been working fine and i only get problems with memory.

It is so apparent that i turn off pc with 128mb stick, boot and all is fine.

Turn off pc swap 128mb stick for 512mb stick and upon booting receive blue screen of death with many errors for at least 8 boots before the pc sometimes boots.

Safe mode dosnt even work sumtimes and then in safe mode i got the blaster virus cos firewall dint load...the problems are endless caused by this stick of RAM

  hampster 16:12 25 Oct 2003

I have a dodgy 256Mb stick of PC 133 RAM which came from the same source as yours.
I haven't sent it back yet but perhaps we get what we pay for?. Would I be better off buying
RAM with a brand name.

  R4 16:50 25 Oct 2003

This free memory tester runs from a floppy and will confirm pr otherwise that your memory is faulty. download from here:: click here

  Rayuk 16:56 25 Oct 2003

Crucial is the word excellent delivery and rma if needed.

  R4 17:06 25 Oct 2003

Crucial are here:: click here

  phoenix_one 18:58 25 Oct 2003

ty yes i want my money back to buy crucial

but ebuyer dont list as refund only replace, under the SALES OF GOODS ACT or sumthing dont they have to refund it if its faulty under warranty. I bought it in feb does this help????

I mean judging by the reviews this product off ebuyer is poor and i ll only get another from the same batch

  teepee33 19:10 25 Oct 2003

Cheap memory from ebuyer is notoriously ropey. had problems too, BSOD etc.

  phoenix_one 19:12 25 Oct 2003

yer u live and learn, i guess i learned but i want my muney back.

Im not made of it!! dont ebuyer realise that if they give me muney back ill prob buy the crucial stuff from them!

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