ME hanging on setup

  slowhand_1000 09:03 16 Sep 2003


Thought I would have 1 last go at reinstall of ME for a friend, see previous thread

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Well at least I have got further than the last few goes I had. But on 'Setting up Hardware' it just hangs. At first it was at 16 mins to go, so I restarted, then it got to 15 mins and so on until now its hanging on 13 mins. Anyone any ideas ?


  Jester2K II 09:10 16 Sep 2003

Right. When you formatted and reinstalled Win Me did you do it with all the old cards in or are you running a minimum setup.

Always install the OS with the minimum of kit. Then once up and running add one piece at a time, test and then move to the next one.

  slide 09:20 16 Sep 2003

You're probably using an image disk that came from the manufacturer of the PC.
It's not a true "install" disk. Just a compressed image of the original installed system.
Remove everything besides the mouse and keyboard. Remove any added internal cards. Remove even the printer.
Has the hard drive been changed? If it's a different size than the original, you may have problems. It may never install.
The machine must be in it's original state for the install to take place.
Hopefully, you are not using the image disk from another computer. That probably won't work either.

  slowhand_1000 09:34 16 Sep 2003


Just as I type this the bl***y thing has finished the set up. Must have seen the big hammer coming out.

Just to finish the thread off. I didn't get to do a reformat last night. It got to late so this morning I thought I would have 1 last go at setup. I know an 'over the top' install is not the done thing, but his lad had a load of course that he really needed. At least he can now do a back up and then a format and clean install.


  Jester2K II 09:37 16 Sep 2003

Ahh yes sometimes it can tkae while for the Hardware Wizard to work its magic...

Still best to install one at a time...

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