Me Cursor has gone berserk.

  1936 17:37 03 Feb 2006

For some strange reason my curser started to wander all over the screen and its a devil of a job to chace it about. Any ideas why?

  curlylad 17:41 03 Feb 2006

Have you installed any new software , drivers or programs recently ?

What O/S and the make/model of the mouse please !

  SG Atlantis® 17:42 03 Feb 2006



Hardware Fault?

Buggy software?

  User-312386 18:01 03 Feb 2006

is it a USB mouse by any chance?

  1936 18:15 03 Feb 2006

I use Windows XP and yes I have installed Nero and something else but that was hours ago.
I was using a cordless Logitech mouse but I took it out and put a mouse with a cord in and it kept moving. All of a sudden a few minutes later it stopped. Now all I have to do is to work out how to get that stinking cordless mouse working again. The batteries are alright and I hav pressed varius buttons but it loks like I am stuck with the corded thing that is unless someone can tell me what the sequence is to activate the cordless mouse.

  User-312386 18:22 03 Feb 2006

with the cordless mouse, click on connect on the base of the mouse and the base of the transmitter unit

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