Me again with RAM issues :-P

  Fateful Shadow 15:26 05 Jul 2003

I have decided that I am going to get a RAM upgrade...but there are a few problems. This will be my first EVER hardware upgrade, and I have litterally no idea on how to do it.

I hope someone can help!!!

Firstly, I'm running a laptop with WinXP Home edition. I have currently got 192MB RAM and I want to upgrade it to 256MB RAM.

Believe it or not, I was considering going to PC World to see if they would fit it...then I remembered when I sent my old PC in for a health check...

Can anyone tell me the process of adding more RAM and how much I will need. (I'm guessing I will need 64MB extra!) Also, how much a decent brand will cost me?

Thanks for your help in advance. Sorry that this post is so long :P ! 15:48 05 Jul 2003

It's always a good time to add RAM to your computer. That's because it's easy to install, is relatively inexpensive, and can improve the performance of even the weakest computer. This website will help you to found what you need.

click here

  Lú-tzé 15:49 05 Jul 2003

As you have 192 now, it is most likely that you have 128 and 64. It is also possible that the 64 cannot be removed. If 256 is your max, it will not be much better than 192.

Go to click here and enter the details of your laptop. They will tell you how much RAM you can have, how much is fixed in the laptop now and the biggest module you can buy.

As for physically doing it, have a look at your laptop manual - it is easy - open the cover, see what is there and put in the new one.

  Fateful Shadow 16:05 05 Jul 2003

It says that I have two RAM slots, and that 'at least one of them was installed at the factory.' I take it that this means I will either have one free, or non free. Based on what Lú-tzé says, it will probably be 128MB and 64MB.

The documentation also says, 'Use only PC2100 DDR-226Mhz or higher RAM' What does that mean?

How will I know that I have taken out the 'removeable' RAM, and not the one that can't be removed (sorry if it sounds dumb, but this is my first time!!!)

Thanks again

  Lú-tzé 16:11 05 Jul 2003

You will not be able to remove the non-removable RAM! Plain and simple ;-}

Sounds like you have a newish machine; hopefully 128will be the factory installed chip - in that case, think about installing an 256 chip beside it.

If you buy the RAM from Crucial it will be suitable for your machine. Do you want to give us the details of your machine so that we can point you in the right direction.

  Fateful Shadow 16:18 05 Jul 2003

The RAM that cannot be removed...will it not be able to come out of the slot (i sound really stupid to an expert now!)

Is there a limit to which the laptop can take (ie. it cannot go any higher than 256MB RAM?) because I've searched thoroughly and I can't tell!

My laptop is a Compaq Presario 2100, Intel Celeron 2Ghz, Windows XP Home SP1, and thats about all I know.

Anymore info required?

  Fateful Shadow 16:30 05 Jul 2003

I've just checked that crucial website and it says the maximum amount of memory the laptop can have is 128MB, yet I already have installed 192MB memory.

What the heck is going on?!?!?!?!

  ardvarc 16:32 05 Jul 2003

Seems there is no fixed RAM so you can put in whatever size you want.

click here

  Fateful Shadow 16:42 05 Jul 2003

I have run that Belarc piece of software, to find that I have two RAM slots (all going well so far). Then, I looked further down to see that one was free (Slightly confusing) and then I found that I had 256MB RAM in one slot, yet my computer recognises it as 192MB!!!!!!!!!

Either I'm losing it, being misinformed or just plain stupid!

  powerless 16:49 05 Jul 2003

You have shared grpahics. The Grpahic card which is onboard, uses part of your RAM.

The shared memory is 64MB. So it steals from the RAM hence your now I'm ultra-mega-hyper-3000-confused!!!

  Fateful Shadow 16:53 05 Jul 2003

Yes that is why! Thankyou for explaining! And also thanks to ardvarc for showing me the correct page to visit! I now see that I can get a maximum of 1024MB RAM! This seems very helpful.

I think i will get another 256MB and boost it up to 512MB RAM instead.

I hope that I have got the right end of the stick here and that all will be ok, as long as I choose a suitable RAM chip/card/whatever!

Thanks to all!!!!!!

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